Arizona Coyotes New Arena and/or Relocation Thread

One more step to make this official


Yeah the “bull in a China shop” approach taken by Balsillie wasn’t appreciated by the owners or Bettman and took away any chance he might have had. Chipman and Thompson played by the “old boys club” rules as you say and were accepted. That meant being patient, listening to what Bettman said and doing what he told them to do and above all else maintaining confidentiality and keeping their mouths shut. Even in Winnipeg it was a surprise that the Jets obtained a team so quickly, even though discussions between Bettman and Chipman at least had been ongoing for some 10 years. That is the blueprint for joining the old boys club so those wanting a team should take note. That’s also really no different than any other successful major league in that you better do what you’re told if you want in.


Putting a team I Hamilton would kill Buffalo

That you and I can agree with :beer:.

Goes to show if you want in a club you play by their rules (what’s the secret password or handshake, nudge nudge wink wink)

Surly you were part of treehouse club as a kid that had similar rules (I wouldn’t know, never had a huge tree in the backyard to put up a clubhouse :grin:).


There’s no way of knowing that.

There’s around 10 million in around the Golden Horseshoe area.

We are talking around 18,000 fans that can access tickets.

Another paranoia by media at hand.

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He provides results, made the owners rich so of course they let him do what he wants within limits.

Wish he was commissioner of the CFL sometimes, then again, maybe not.

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It’s down to hours for the desert dogs


It certainly would hurt them. You live in Southern Ontario and would know better than me. I’m wondering how much support by way of season ticket sales and individual game ticket sales Buffalo gets from Southern Ontario. Are there any numbers available that you are aware of?

The Sabres have one of the lowest attendance in the league, so I believe it would affect the Buffalo market. I also know several people who are from Hamilton and St Catherine’ who have Sabres tickets. If Hamilton got a team they said they would cancel the Sabres tickets.

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Then maybe Buffalo isn’t the right market if they need Canadian ticket buyers to prop them up.

For those who cancel their Sabre tickets, they are plenty of people who will gladly take up the slack but I wouldn’t know as I don’t live there.

Supply and demand at play.

The NHL will never allow a team between Buffalo and Toronto. If Toronto ever gets a second team , it will be either north of the city or east of the city.

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I don’t believe either one have any veto power to block such a move.

The Hamilton market seems valuable.

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Come to think of it, a team in Hamilton and FOC will be getting major upgrades, could actually help Buffalo with adding a huge rivalry and an increase in interest and demand for tickets in this region. Hamilton continues to add new housing developments and many coming here to live are from Toronto. Also, the 2024 RBC Canadian Open is happening once again in Hamilton this year and yes, while the course is one of Canada’s best, the PGA Tour and the RCGA would not come back to Hamilton if they didn’t want to come back here, Hamilton is strategically located in S Ontario to attract fans from a wide area without having to travel to Toronto and has excellent hotels and restaurants in the Hamilton/Burlington/Oakville area. My brother from London, a big hockey and golf fan, member of a private club in London, came to Hamilton/Ancaster last time the Canadian Open was here and just loved it, the Ancaster suburb (ok, it’s own town as they want to say in Ancaster :wink: beautiful Dundas Valley Conservation area and Royal Botanical Gardens in the west Hamilton/Ancaster/Burlington area ) of Hamilton is ritzy and gorgeous with the geography, and he said just so easy coming from London. He would love Hamilton to get an NHL team as he often goes to Detroit to watch games since Toronto is hard to get tickets to and Hamilton is so much closer than going to Detroit. Where I live in east Hamilton, very average not ritzy, prices of homes have skyrocketed the past few years and the new GO Train station is opening up in east Hamilton come 2025/26. Where I live I’m a 10 minute walk to the Niagara Escarpment, great hiking and waterfalls and can walk to the waterfront Lake Ontario trail, an hour walk on the Red Hill Valley trail or just a 10 minute car ride, free parking at Confederation Park, it’s a great area with everything you need here. 50 Point Conservation Area with a beautiful marina as well as Hamilton’s harbourfront area with another marina, actually I think there are 2 there.

The last link is an Ancaster home for sale. This home would be listed in Toronto for well over $2 mill. and yet Toronto is just down the road anytime you need to go there.

Change to Hamilton’s FirstOntario modernization plan will likely mean new construction start date - Hamilton |

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The league does

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So it’s really a league decision as each franchise gets a vote which is why Toronto or Buffalo can’t veto anything in regards to Hamilton except for territorial rights fee.

That’s a kicker though the territorial rights fee although if the owner of a team for Hamilton could try and prove or show Toronto and Buffalo that in the long run they would gain from a team in Hamilton with increased hockey interest for the NHL and thereby maybe increased ticket prices for their teams and increased televisin/digital revenue, that migh change the perception that a team in Hamilton would take away from the bottom line profits for the Leafs and Sabres.
From what I’ve read from Leiweke and the Oak View Group, as below, the FOC renos seem to be more about concerts rather than an NHL team. Maybe, difficult to know exactly how honest he is here:

"This isn’t about the NHL,” Leiweke said. “I’ve made that very clear. There isn’t an NHL team coming here right now. But realistically, there has been an AHL team that has had great success here…
Leiweke has crunched the numbers and says 2.5 million people in the Golden Horseshoe area live closer to the FirstOntario Centre than Scotiabank Arena in Toronto or the KeyBank Center in Buffalo.

“I personally think that when you have 8 1/2 million people in a metropolitan area, and there is a strain on the Scotiabank Arena, there is a need to create a secondary market, especially in the south where there is a market for hockey and music,” Leiweke said."

So stupid question: what could or should they have done differently to allow the Yotes to be successful in the Phoenix area? What do they need to do with their next team, assuming they get an expansion franchise?

The big thing is having an arena situation the team owns or controls, and have some real estate opportunities too.

The team barely had that. They were renters when they were downtown. The real estate got split away from the team in Glendale (it was not the location) and of course Mullet was unacceptable.

Salt Lake City strikes the boxes.


Yes , and what teams are going to vote in favour of putting a team in Hamilton when it would affect the Sabres. Trust me , that will not happen.

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Yet they allow three NHL teams in the NYC area? and fewer hockey fans in that region.
Makes no sense.