Arizona Coyotes New Arena and/or Relocation Thread

Glendale terminating Coyotes’ arena lease after 2021-22 season (

This team has gone through more drama in the past 13 years…perhaps longer than I can remember.

The team has been looking for a new home in the East Valley and has plans to develop land in Tempe. City has an RFP to develop land there. A new east valley arena would jeopardize Glendale as they still have 12+ years remaining on the bonds.

The original RFP with Tempe was today and was extended to September 3. Even if the new arena pans out, it will be a looong time until it’s ready as it involves land clean up which will be funded by the city.

This franchise has had more than 9 lives here but if they no longer have a willing partner in the city, this will be a tough bind…maybe the toughest yet.

This will be the Coyotes first year in the central division…Houston Coyotes perhaps…convenient.


Well they have been rumored to relocate for years.

Maybe their luck is running out this time.

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Phuck dat! Leave right now and go to Kansas City. Brand new arena, new market, rivalry with St. Louis. Go to Houston, they are just subsidizing the Houston Rockets because they will be sharing the same arena that the Rocket owners possess

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Sprint Center is only 4 years newer than Houston's building. The issue there is the city hasn't had a history wanting to give a favorable lease. They didn't when the team was owned by the league.

But I do agree Houston can be problematic too. Meruelo would have to sell to Feritta to make it work and Tillmam doesn't want to pay what the NHL wants for a team.

If the Coyotes are stuck then the NHL may not have a choice on the price point

The arena is Kansas City sits early empty. No pro sports other than the Chiefs and the MLS team. It shouldn't be choosey on who their tenants will be. The Scouts in KC is ancient history and probably forgotten

It's mainly a concert venue. But unless they want to pony up to lure an existing team, no one is going to move there. Not even the NBA uses it as a threat.

Could Meruelo be forced to sell? Lamar Hunt Jr has Expressed interest but chose not to apply for expansion citing the fee was too high.

Only Vegas and Quebec applied then

Tim Lieweke built up that arena. He tries to get a NHL franchise as as tenant there before he went to MLSE. Just that there weren't any NHL team relocations at the time. Now there is. The arena needs an anchor tenant in the building, concerts can only go so far

Liewkeke's is no longer involved in Kansas City. He left ASM Global (who operates the arena in KC) to start up the Oakview group. They rebuilt the arena in Seattle and are part owners of the Kraken

Coincidentally ASM Global also operates the arena in Glendale.

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Well it's official. The Arizona Coyotes have to move whether they stay in Arizona or move on at last, preferably to somewhere where the locals actually want hockey so much more than they do in Greater Phoenix even as much as the area has grown since 2010 to be the 5th largest metro in population in the US.

May the debate begin anew.


Kansas City, here we come

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If Meruelo is boxed in and has to sell, no one should dismiss this as an option.

I don't see the demographics in Kansas City as good for pro hockey, but of course I'd be interested to hear from somebody who is closer to that area.

And just how well were the Blues doing before the pandemic? I remember them ailing in recent years compared to their heyday like when they had Brett Hull.

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Look at the crocodile tears. Concerned about the local business? Those same local business that would be affected if the team moves to Glendale?

This is a breakup letter where the Yotes were dumped and sitting by the phone.

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After Bettman tried for years to get them to stick it just is a no go
Gotta love the media release "larger more impactful events and uses for the arena"

Phoenix / Arizona is dead (I strongly suspect the NHL knew this was coming; they even moved Coyotes into the Central division which makes alot of sense if Kansas City, Houston, or even some of the smaller hockey cities such as Milwaukee get the Coyotes)

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T-Mobile Centre (Sprint is dead stateside)

Kansas City was never given a chance back in the 70s so would make an ideal candidate

Then you have the old WHA cities (many of whom are in NBA; Indy and Cinci even tried joing NHL back in 1980s during merger)
Heritage Bank Centre over in Cincinnati
Toyota Centre in Houston
Banker Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis

Or (crazy idea) put the team in a city that actually plays and follows hockey

Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee would make a great addition


Hamilton Tigers? :crazy_face:

I think @PatLynch was a season ticket holder! :sunglasses:




If Meruelo is going to move the team himself, he would need an arena that's going to give him a suitable lease

Kansas City: City has been reluctant to offer one. They get concerts, WWE etc...and would make some money of booking fees, concessions etc....Getting an NHL or NBA team in would mean the city would need to give up those revenues to the team. City may be in a better position financially without a sports team.

Salt Lake City: The arena where the Jazz play is not suitable for NHL hockey and team would have to pay rent to the Jazz ownership. Same problem they would have by playing downtown Phoenix. In addition Salt Lake city is small market, is there enough corporates dollars to support both the NBA and NHL?

Milwaukee: New arena is NHL caliber but would have the same issues as Salt Lake City

Indianapolis: See Salt lake city.

Houston: Large market and and suitable arena. Would be paying rent to the Rockets ownership that runs the arena. Atlanta 3.0 and Portland would have the same issues.

Quebec City would have the same issues since Quebecor operates the arena.

Unless they can pull a rabbit out of a hat and the Tempe plan happens, where are the realistic options with Meruelo hanging on to the team?

I get a hunch the Coyotes may end up relocating who knows where - Tempe or even back to Phoenix where they got started.