Arizona Cardinals Mike Miller enters the contest

Now we know who is a current NFL coach interested in Trestman's position. This could very well be the payoff of candidates looking at how the Als job paid off for Trestman.

What I like
Very young
Highly Educated
Bill Cohwer lineage
Been to Superbowl
Proven to be a good teacher

What I don't like, its another rental but if they are going to be this good than maybe that's the way it is.

•Promoted to offensive coordinator on 2/16/11 after spending the previous two seasons as the Cardinals passing game coordinator. •Joined the Cardinals coaching staff in 2007 as an offensive assistant and was promoted to receivers coach that same season, before being promoted to passing game coordinator in 2009. •Miller’s top pupil, WR Larry Fitzgerald, has earned five consecutive Pro Bowl appearances (2007-11) and has twice led the NFC in receptions (2007-08) and receiving yards (2007-08) and also led the NFL in TD receptions in both 2008 and 2009. •In 2008, three of Miller’s players went over 1,000 receiving yards (Fitzgerald-1,431, Anquan Boldin-1,038, Steve Breaston-1,006) for the first time in team history and only the fifth time in NFL history.

Thirteen-year NFL assistant Mike Miller begins his sixth season with the Cardinals and second as offensive coordinator after being promoted on 2/16/11. He spent the previous two seasons as passing game coordinator after working his first two years (2007-08) as the team’s wide receivers coach. Miller joined the Cardinals on 2/6/07 as an offensive assistant and was promoted to receivers coach on 3/21/07. He came to Arizona after splitting 2006 between the Berlin Thunder (quarterbacks/receivers) of NFL Europe in the spring and Robert Morris University (defensive line) in the fall. The Cardinals are the third NFL franchise Miller has worked for as an assistant after previous jobs with the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Last year, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald earned his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl selection (2007-11) while becoming the franchise leader in career receiving yards (9,615), receiving TD’s (73), 100-yard games (32) and career TD’s (73) after setting the team record for all-time receptions in 2010. He had 80 receptions for 1,411 yards and eight TD’s last season, becoming the fourth player (Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison) in NFL history to record at least 1,400 receiving yards four times in their career. He also had his team record sixth 1,000-yard receiving season, becoming one of just eight players in NFL history to reach 1,000 receiving yards at least six times in their first eight NFL seasons.

In Miller’s two seasons as passing game coordinator, Fitzgerald was selected to consecutive Pro Bowl appearances and went over 1,000 receiving yards each season. In 2010, Fitzgerald had 90 catches for 1,137 yards and became the first player in NFL history to record 90+ receptions five times in their first seven seasons while also becoming one of just five NFL players in league history to record 90+ receptions in at least four consecutive seasons. In 2009, Miller helped guide quarterback Kurt Warner to 3,753 passing yards and 26 touchdown passes. Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin both eclipsed 1,000 receiving yards as Fitzgerald also tied for the league lead with 13 TD receptions, becoming the first player in franchise history to record 10+ touchdown receptions in three consecutive seasons (2007-09).

During his two seasons as wide receivers coach (2007-08), Boldin (160 receptions for 1,891 yards and 20 TDs) and Fitzgerald (196 receptions for 2,840 yards and 22 TDs) combined for 356 receptions and 4,731 yards to go along with 42 touchdowns. The duo also combined for three Pro Bowl appearances (Fitzgerald 2007-08, Boldin 2008). Fitzgerald led the NFC for two consecutive seasons in both receptions and receiving yards (96 receptions for 1,431 yards in 2008, 100 receptions for 1,409 yards in 2007) while also leading the NFL with 12 touchdowns in 2008. Even though Boldin missed four games due to various injuries in 2008, he still caught 89 passes for 1,038 yards and a career-high 11 touchdowns. Receiver Steve Breaston had career-highs with 77 receptions for 1,006 yards, giving the Cardinals three 1,000-yard receivers for the first time in team history and only the fifth time in NFL history. Arizona finished the season with NFL rankings of fourth in total offense and second in passing offense as quarterback Kurt Warner threw a franchise record 30 touchdown passes. In both of Miller’s first two seasons with the Cardinals, the passing offense finished with a top five ranking in the NFL (5th in 2007).

Miller joined the Thunder in the spring of 2006 from the Buffalo Bills where he was quality control/tight ends coach in 2004 and tight ends coach in 2005. He previously served as an offensive assistant for five years with current Cardinals Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt and assistant head coach/offensive line Russ Grimm with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1999-2003).

The Pittsburgh, PA native got his start in coaching as a graduate assistant coaching running backs at Robert Morris University (PA) for two seasons (1997-1998). He also worked as a public relations and operations intern with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1994-95) and Indianapolis Colts (1996).

Of course I almost forgot... Courtesy of Herb Zurkowsky

And this from Jim Popp

Jim Popp?@JimPoppGM

One wave of interviews complete: Fairchild, Hawkins, Maciocia, Miller, Schonert, Zorn...will continue Wednesday.

Steve Fairchild

Jim Zorn

CFL News ?@CFL_News
RT .@JimPoppGM: One wave of interviews complete: Fairchild, Hawkins, Maciocia, Miller, Schonert, Zorn...will continue Wed. #CFL #Alouettes

Zorn we know of and Fairchild is probably this guy:

Your too slow :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey give an old guy a break! :smiley:

Interesting bit. Pat Meyers worked for Steve Fairchild at Colorado State.

Old. When I see your handle. I always think of this guy :smiley:

You know the guy who has an Alouettes poster signed by Marc Trestman on his wall.

Some other names coming up but can't confirm

Sherman Lewis
Greg Blache
Al Saunders

Ya Miller is a strong candidate. however outside of Warners exploits this team has been horrible with their QBs being a concussion specialist's dream. Could be a classic case of assistant trailing on a HOFers coattails. Could be. Maybe not. But they have NEVER developed a QB. Of course neither did Trestman albeit he takes a lot of credit. A lot of NFL hype here.

anyway he's out of work with a new regime coming in in Arizona. And its clear Popp will hire an American. That's his bias, perhaps understandably so. That's were he was raised, lives, taught and works. And he reports to same. Ever met an american who does not think their way is superior to the land of igloos?

It does seem strange that Popp is releasing the names of candidates interviewed. I don't think I've ever seen that. Certainly not the norm in any profession. I mean you can get it , you can surmise but for a boss to release the names is kinda strange. Leaves some out to dry.

But it shows to some that Popp is working I guess. and given things I guess that's important.

But richard and all can relax. it'll be an american. So the trend will continue. All american power base and as Chi bears owner says...'having to learn a foreign language". gawd.

I'll take my carpet to another bag.

What bothers me about this process is this: it seems like Popp is releasing candidate names and hyper-focusing down south not in the best interests of the team, but to raise his own profile as Als GM so that maybe next year he can get his NFL job. :thdn:

Bazinga :wink:

Well he struck gold with Trestman and right now he's got a brochette of great candidates from the States so why not? Jim Zorn and Calvillo is a beautiful story... I mean reunite him with the Coach who recruited him out of High School to finish his career. He can flesh out a solid staff and bring along a RB like Portis. I mean what's not to like.

I could understand if he was comparing American High School or Division 2 guys to what is available but really when Jones pulled his candidacy was there anyone else that really gave you the warm and fuzzy ?

That's not a word :lol:

True, but I don't like revealing the candidate names on twitter at all. That smacks of self-promotion -- "Hey, NFL, look at all the big names interested in being head coach of the Montreal Alouettes, my organization!" :roll:

I kind of like it. Calms everybody down and this way nobody can hijack the process and start telling the fans that Maciocia is "in the drivers seat" for the job or something like what I hear from Heppel and Villeneuve yesterday.

Nobody could hijack the process in any situation. What does it matter if idiots like Villeneuve continue to run their mouths? They have zero influence over the selection process. All this twitter stuff does is promote Popp to the NFL. It does nothing for our franchise. :thdn:

Personally, I applaud Jim Popp for releasing the names of potential candidates; this way we all know who the candidates are and we don't have to speculate who it could be based on rumours/

I can't imagine that Danny Maciocia would emerge as the top candidate amongst these individuals. Jim Zorn or Mike Miller would suit me well.


Still sort of curious why Doug Berry doesn't seem to be in the game. . . maybe he's not interested in getting back into coaching?

Or maybe he's not interested in being a head coach anymore. Perhaps he just wants to be OC under whoever the new coach is. I sincerely hope that if the new hire is a first-time CFL coach, Popp mandates that he surround himself with CFL-ready coordinators, as he did in Trestman's first year. Berry would be a great choice for OC.

When Souray was with the Habs, people related my name to him. I've since gone from Mr. Macho to a nerd!