cats fans must really hate the argos...2 - 0 in the preseason but probablt 0 - 1 when it counts....if you had a real coach you might a-ave a chance.....


Name should be PIGS@SS

what the eff is probabit

I've disagreed with you in the past BF but that was awesome. Nice one by TPB also. I needed a good laugh.

Use your real eye ,if you a-ave one Saturday and enjoy Pigtroll.

I guess having the Canadian Football League's coach of the year for 2004 isn't good enough for Toronto AreHoe's fans. Just because we spank them in the preseason, although it doesn't mean nothing in the standings. But as Ti-cat fans we would get bashed if the score was in Toronto's favour. So next time you Toronto AreHoe fans come and post a thread on OUR site you better have your faqs straight! and good luck next time.

funny...a winnipeg fan comes to the ti-cat forum to heap praise on the argos?...they're both your divisional rivals, piggie.

goodluck against the als, on fridaynite, tho.

I beleive the Argo fans are getting nervous!!

I'm with you on that one!

pigseye is BOMBERS FAN.

hes a regular in the CFL Forum section.

SO! The Bombers are just as horrible as the argos.

1800 posts - he's entering "mikey" territory...

hey, im just letting u know, hes not an argos fan, as some thought he was.

Alright thats cool I would just like for other fans to do their research before they bash the Ti-cats. Being a Bombers fan just makes it worse, I think he is just a little mad that his team has to come back over to the East and get crushed this year.

Yeah, pigseye or whatever part he is tried to get the same thing going on the Argo site, only the other way. He should know better then try and stir the pot between us close knit Argo and Ticat fans. :smiley:

Its a well known fact that all Bomber fan's deserve to be violent thrown off a bridge

He pulled the same crap on the Ar... Toro.... oh hell that Blue teams forum about the arg... tor... that blue teams sucking because we beat them twice in the preseason and will probably bet them in the opener