Rumours of popp and Tresman to the argos

I think Trestman is a great choice for coach, one of the biggest disappointments last season was seeing a CFL team (even if that team was the Argos) get a new stadium, but fall further from the limelight than ever in their own home city.

Trestman could bring some legitimacy back to the organisation, Popp on the other hand...

Maybe it is my personal opinion but I find Jim Popp to be a weasel, the way he GM's the way he coaches, I am not a fan of either. There are plenty of ways to re-invigorate this great rivalry and slapping a chump like Popp in the GM office is probably the worst way to do it.

You can't make the Argos relevant again by remote control out of North Carolina.

Trestman :thup:

Popp :thdn:

I can’t disagree, but I have to say that Popp built a tremendous organization in Montreal, and other than his forays into the coaching ranks, was a shrewd manager in picking up talent via scouting and trades. Trestman re-vitalized the players, especially AC, and seems well suited to the CFL game.

I don’t like either guy, but the proof is in the pudding. If past performance is any indication of future performance, the Argos will soon be a force in the CFL.

Have to wait until it's a done deal but it certainly seems to be the way it's headed with Popp and Trestman joining forces again in the CFL and this time probably in Toronto.

I predicted this back when Barker and Milanovich were let go by the Arblows and Popp was let go by Montreal earlier that it would be a good fit to have Popp & Trestman in Toronto?

Will wait and see??


I think having Tresman as coach will keep popp in check

I think that if Trestman, the QB coahing guru, becomes coach in T.O., the chances are highly likely that Popp tries to persuade Tillman to trade Manziel's rights to Toronto. I see this trade happening at the upcoming CFL draft.

I don't see Trestman coming at all. He still has chances of landing an NFL gig...not as a head coach.

If Popp goes to Toronto, that doesn't necessarily mean Trestman will automatically go there too as head coach. I'm sure he'll examine all the opportunities available, if any, and decide which is the most attractive at this stage in his career. At 61, he could just as easily decide to retire rather than ramp it up again in the CFL to try to reprise his success of years ago.

I believe Trestman has one year remaining on his hated "Ravines" contract. The Argos would certainly have to compensate him for that year as well as a long term deal in the Big Smoke.

I hope Popp and Trestman go to Toronto. It would be good for the Argo fans and good for the league. We need a solid Toronto franchise. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I don’t think popp gets the job if he can’t deliver tresman

From what I've read/heard and recall - Copeland outright said that he wasn't going after Popp some time ago but it seems anyone else from the NFL he's tried to interest in the job has rebuffed him. I've also heard that the blue guys want Trestman but he won't come without Popp. Another little tidbit that I think came from a fan comment so read into what you will - Copeland and Popp didn't really get along well when Copeland worked for the league so I can imagine that he'd be gritting his teeth at having to hire him as his GM. Certainly makes his earlier statement about not going after Popp make sense. I think Trestman can make the Argos better - maybe - not sure about Popp based on the past 2-3 seasons in Montreal. Of course they'll both inherit a roster not of their making and have to live with it for the most part, this coming season.

I listened to the most recent episode of the Waggle where they talked to Desjardins and heard some interesting insight about the way Popp handled signing players in Montreal (remember MD served as an assistant there for a while). Popp tended to sign players to big 2 year contracts knowing that in order to make the cap, he'd have to ask them to restructure and take pay cuts in the second year Sound familiar? Apparently the team was always madly trying to get under the salary cap by the end of training camp because Popp tended to overextend. Probably explains why they let Ellis and White walk after training camp last season saying that they weren't "good enough".
It sounds like Desjardins learned what NOT to do as a GM during his time under Popp.

Week 1 kicks off FOUR MONTHS from now, still plenty of time for the Argos to make some big changes. I see another blockbuster trade coming.

Maybe, but it would be a strange way of operating if the GM, who is the boss of the head coach, is dependent on having the HC in place in order to get his GM job, and if the HC is there to keep the GM “in check”. Kind of putting the cart before the horse. If that’s the way it’s going to be, the GM seems superfluous. Why not just hire the HC and make him GM as well?

8) Pat, Trestman was fired from his OC job with Baltimore back in October of last year !!

So Trestman was fired last year. What's your point? If your contract is guaranteed, then the Ravens owe him another year. So he could sit out the year or find another job. I could be wrong but it seems to me that the CBS Sports site said that Baltimore is on the hook for one more year.

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Pat Lynch

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