Boy the Argos looked good .

Their DLINE is excellent
and athier 3rd and 4th Qb's looked great ( Zach Collaros, and Harris ) as did running back Griggs and a few of their receivers parker and hubbard and db's 6 foot 4 pat watkins

and most of their starting receivers were left at home ( durie , mann, barnes , owens)

Uuuuuh didn't owens have a 9 yard reception last night?

Let's not get carried away. Have a little perspective. It's pre-season. They didn't look great at all. 14 of their points came DIRECTLY off of our mistakes. They had some positives. We had some positives. Problem is that we made more mistakes and took way too many penalties. I'm not worried about them at all.

Oh yeah, their d-line was great at getting ripped for 10 yards a pop by our running backs.

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Evil Incarnate
The team that sucks

This is a family site and some young fans may get swayed to use such foul language. :wink:

And by the way they still suck!

The way I saw it, their first team offense played first quarter and put up a 14-0 first quarter score in their favour.

The Cats played their first team offense in the second quarter and put up a 17-1 second quarter score...

The jobbers had their time in the 2nd half and the final score was 29-24 Arblows...

There was good, bad and ugly both ways and as is usual in pre-season tilts, the final score says absolutely nothing about the team's performance in the competitive games to come.

The Ti-Cats had a knack for winning their preseason games in their worst seasons in the mid 2000s.

And the Argos have beat the Cats in their last four preseason meetings and missed the playoffs in all but one of those seasons.

I actually think the Argos didn't look that great. Their offensive line is going to get Ray killed; they scored 14 points thanks to Hamilton penalties; and once Burris got the reins, the Cats blew the doors off them. They did some nice things, and that DB that picked off Burris in end zone looks like a keeper, but it was hardly a dominating performance. I was less than impressed by the Argos last night.

HEY BLOGSKEE what do you think of the cats trying to get STEVIE BAGGS back at a reduced salary much like what went on with Colborne

That's nothing like what went on with Colbourne.
He came back at basically the same salary as last year.

My concern was our DB's still seemed to getting burned, especially in the later stages of the game. An perhaps some of our DB's at that point were rookies. But Bo Smith isn't. And he got burned by that toss from the argos 4th string QB.

Not "some" of our DBs were rookies, most of them were. Carlos Thomas and Ryan Hinds didn't play. Turenne saw limited playing time last year and the most of the other guys were back-ups or straight out rookies. Dee Webb was over at safety and I think Bo did some good things especially since he has missed most of camp for personal reasons.

I'm personally not that concerned with the DBs. There was no Carlos Thomas, no Ryan Hinds and no Milt Collins. There are at least two starters in that group. Bo did get burned, but he also made some nice plays before that. He wasn't great, but he wasn't terrible either. And I thought that Marcell Young very quietly had a good game. I think when the team decides on the starting DBs, they'll be fine.

Listen to what the panel says

Click on First Impressions on the Video

ARGO'S SUCK thats all there is to say, and NOBODY BLOWS LIKE AN ARGO! Go on the Argo forum and talk crap, this is the Cats forum, by the way, the Cats are also going to be your 2012 Grey Cup Champs! All we did in that game was give Toronto a false sense of hope! ARGO'S SUCK, and ALWAYS will!!