I say Yes!.

Yes Argos? Ok...

backs away slowly

no he was saying "yes" to the question of, was that hit that O'SHEA gave KEITH blatanly late, and done with intent to injure? Football is Football (unless its FOOTball) i understand that. Guys get hurt, but when refs dont call that its ridiculous and embarassing for the league. I remember when Damon Allen got his leg hurt the ARGOS were on TV whining about how it was a late hit with intent to injure then they said we are PROUD of the FACT that our guys dont go out of their way to hurt other players. LIARS or just HYPOCRITES either way congratulations MIKE O'SHEA

You got THAT from the subject title? You’re far more insightful than I. . . :smiley:

DA is a QB, they're protected to a degree, also, a foot out of bounds is dificult to see when your runing outright

Irregardless he is right.... Notice how I used that fancy schmancy word that doesnt exist? :lol: Oh BTW schmancy is a word too...A&W says so!!!

Awesome, Dentor - although I do believe A&W may very well have created a word there..... :smiley:

Make fun of me and my language skills, will dad can beat up your there..... :smiley: