Argos worse than Ticats

Well after watching the Argo - Stamps game I think we can safely say that the TiCats are no longer the worse team in the CFL!

Oskee Wee Wee!! Eat `em Raw!!!

I think after looking at the standings that it impossible NOT to say that

Ruff, I wish I could say the Blue team is worse but they are tied for second in the east and still have a shot at the playoffs. I would gladly take their two more wins.

The way the Argos are playing....I wish the Cats played their next 6 games against them.

In tonight's 34-4 loss to the Stamps tonight, the blue team did look a lot like the Ticats have this season. Dropped passes, missed tackles, fumbles, etc. made them look even more Ticat-ish than the Ticats have been lately.

Not sure who will start for them at QB next week. Pickett was actually not that bad, but Joseph might have been better. But quarterbacking was not what I'd consider wrong with the blue team, at least not tonight. This was the second consecutive game that the blue team was unable to get a TD, so changes might be made for that reason.

And a classy decision by the Stamps to take a knee when it was 1st and goal with less than a minute left in the 4th quarter.


When comparing the Argo-nots and the TiCats, one has to look at the quality of play between the teams in their respective games. Hamilton has been in their fair share of games, losing in the last few minutes. Yes, it was by their own doing which makes it hard to swollow. It is likely that neither team will get a chance to go to the eastern final and lose to Montreal. However, in terms of rebuilding, I believe that The Cats are closer to being there than the Argo-nots are. 2 more wins? Means nothing if you don't make the play-offs.
I have a feeling that the Cats will pull of a couple of big wins before they pack it in for the year. The Argos will stop at 4 wins. Only a prediction based on momentum and the state of affairs in both locker rooms. Wonder if Joseph is regretting leaving the green team???


i would definately rather be in our position as a franchise rather than the blue team....yes T.O is has more wins right now....but they are just being completely blown out every game....we have lost many close games....we are a young team that is progressing...they are an old team that isnt getting any younger...we some talent at the QB position...they dont...we have a good run game...they dont....they have recievers dropping and fumbling balls...they also have a horrible Defence...

Exactly! Cats are getting better and the Argos are getting worse. Generally speaking though the East division has to step up. The West always seems to be more competitive.

8) Exactly, that would be our only hope of making the playoffs !!!
The Argos are actually playing and looking a lot worse than the Cats for sure  !!

Even Jock Climie stated last night that the Cats are no longer the worse team in the CFL.  That title is now bestowed upon the Argos  !!

If that is any consulation at all  !!!       <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

All we have to do is win Two more Games
Then the Argos win to be better then
Them but then they 1st Pick overall next year.

Yes it was. It's just too bad that if the shoe was on the other foot the classless Matthews would have been running up the score and going for the meaningless touchdown.

Maybe the Argos are looking like the worst team now, but unfortunately for us to catch them is an uphill climb, and the way Winnipeg is coming on. They will be gunning for second place.

The only thing we can do is hope these teams lose their remaining games and somehow find a way to win a few games.

I know it`s a longshot but funnier things have happened in the CFL.

Well, coming on is a bit of a stretch. Winnipeg just barely beat 2-10 Hamilton this week, they beat up on the free-falling Argos last week, and the win before that a month ago against us.

None of these three teams has beat anyone except each other in the past two months.

But you're right, we have an uphill climb to catch even these two duds. We play them each once, so maybe a three way tie for last place is in the cards.

But you're right, we have an uphill climb to catch even these two duds. We play them each once, so maybe a three way tie for last place is in the cards.
8) But we don't play the Argos any more this year !!
We have one game left with Winnipeg  !!

When your team is measured against the worst ,that is a downer.

Damn did that tick me I wanted it to be 41-4. What ever happened to the good old days of rubbing peoples' noses in it?? :smiley:

The fact that they are now more painful to watch than we are is the only thing that's keeping me going right now. :wink:


Tipper is right, we only have the 1 remaining game against the Bluebombers.

I get this funny feeling the Cats are right there in turning their luck around. Who knows with the acquisition of Keith and a key trade, ( for an O-lineman, or D-lineman, receiver.) We could make a run at this.

Lately, I`ve been liking what I see from the Cats. A shocker of win against the Lions could turn our whole season around.

Who knows??