Argos worry? Interest in Toronto Bills games lukewarm so far

Considering it has been over 5 weeks since the announcement of the Bills games in Toronto, it is surprising that less than 16,000 fans have requested to be put on a contact list. This must be scary for the promoters who have reportedly guaranteed Ralph Wilson over $60 million for the rights to host these eight games. No deposit is required for fans to enter your name, so it is amazing so few have expressed interest so far. And Rogers thinks he can sell $50,000 seat licences for the right to buy overpriced tickets for a real NFL team? :lol: Two seats for the price of one, anyone??

I wonder how the Toronto media will spin this-- although I would say that 16K in 5 weeks isn't too shabby-- there was not the rush of tickets many expected. Maybe the tickets will pick up once the NFL TC's and pre-season games get going, when the NFL's promotion machine cranks into high gear.

This isn't 15,000 tickets sold. These people still have to follow through and send in their money. I know the promoters will have to advertise and market these tickets to Canadian fans, but contrast this demand with most American NFL cities. They can just open their phone lines and sell 50,000 seasons tickets (10 games) without doing any marketing at all.

Many people think the NFL are such great marketers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Most NFL teams do very little or no marketing whatsoever. They just have to open the ticket wicket and automatically sellout in many markets. They don't have to "push" or "market" the tickets to NFL apparantly they will have to in Toronto.

I wonder if the Toronto media bashers will acknowledge that the Post is writing a story that isn’t “promoting” the NFL.

I get marketing crap from the Raiders several times a week, and I’m already a season ticket holder. This is despite the fact that even though the Raiders are a horrible team they regularly get huge crowds - though sellouts are less common (except where some local media outlet will buy up remaining tickets so the blackout can be lifted).

(semi off topic here) I recently found out about this so called "SPP" better known as the "North American Union" that my ever so underhanded president agreed to back in 2005.

I guess once all the borders between Mexico u.s and Canada dissapear and we all have one nice clean and neat currency, then it really won't matter where the NoFunLeague in to next would it?

I think this is Bush's actual master plan to make Canada and Mexico the 51st-52nd states and eliminate the CFL.

Seriously though.....this is scary to know that 99% of the public has yet to hear about it.

The writer of this article already put a spin on the story. Saying that the "real push" hasn't begun yet.

But then again you'd think with the supposed huge interest in the NFL in Toronto, that hundreds of thousands of people would have already signed up regardless of what the prices may be.

And the guy running the thing mentioned how corporations were intersted, but couldn't name any of them? Very strange.

If people from Buffalo and New York state don't come up in droves, this Buffalo experiment could prove to be quite an embarassment for Rogers and Godfrey.

And I know I'd feel sorry for them. NOT!

just wait till leafs season is done.

Which just happens to be a fact, mind you. How long until the game again?

The push hasn't begun yet? Huh?
What about that press conference?
What about the advertising for the game on the Sportsnet website, and in Tranna newspapers?
What about the hype about the Bills coming to Buffalo from the Tranna media?
It was a headline story for a week.
The push hasn't begun yet?
You have to figure if the demand was there, the people would already be lined up.
But where are they?

"The registration total also does not account for any corporate interest, nor does it count any requests made from Toronto Argonauts season ticket holders, who have access to seats."

They didn't say that the push hadn't begun, they said the REAL push hadn't begun. I don't think you've seen anything yet in terms of promotion.

Is this game even scheduled for a specific day yet? Without knowing the day that it's going to be played, I wouldn't commit to anything either.

I think they will be fine but there will have to be a big marketing drive I think for people to committ to all the games at once. I love football and the NFL as well but no way for this guy when for, for example, for around $150.00 I can buy a Grey Cup ticket reserved seat, which I have for this years, and am guarranteed all sorts of stuff surrounding the game with a real Canadian flavour that happens to be the national championship football game in Canada, a guarranteed big game. None of these Bills games are guarranteed to be big at all if the team isn’t in the playoff hunt when they play the game. It’ll be a last minute thing for a lot of people as I think they won’t sell enough tickets with the all game packages. That’s what I think anyways.

I can't imagine there being much interest for the preseason games, which will be available on TV also. I imagine the U.S. TV networks will still be the home broadcaster in Toronto, but if the game isn't soldout the NFL's ironclad blackout policy will come into effect (with secondary blackouts). So will they blackout Toronto...or Buffalo??

Yes but the media will still be focussed on the Leafs because next year the Leafs are Stanley Cup bound!

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Sorry, saying that with a straight face was impossible!

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The sports editor probably got some flak from his higher-ups for the negative story about the NFL in Toronto. So they changed the headline when the story went online, to put a positive slant on the same story. That story, now with the positive headline, is the lead story in the Toronto Argonauts section of CFL site.

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Here was the original headline:

HAHAHAHAHA! I can't believe they changed the headline for Meh, it doesn't matter. More people read the paper than read online articles. Most people know it ain't going so hot for Larry and Ted :slight_smile:

Thats so typical of them. This thing should have sold out in 30 seconds supposedly. I guess their all waitng for freebees.

I think that in memory of the 1989 Argoes, the team should be called the Toronto Unpaid Bills.

just wait till leafs season is done.
The leafs have been done for a loooong time.
:lol: :thup: