argos woes

i say fire popp - very bad choices for football players - can no longer eval talent
give players 5 days off
cut franklin macbeth wilder darby

let o’connor start or prukop
cut medeiros too - choke artist

let players call def on field -
fire oc
5 man def line or bitz every dwn

w/ free up $ get other players

teach tackling from hips up

what ever you do, don’t buy the ALs

maybe popp can be gm there ?

I will say that wilder should been doing better, I feel like his more of an American style running back that needs a full back to help, I will lay that his first year was good, and he has speed, but he needs to be putting up better number

Dude, give it a rest, you’re turning into Chicken Little.

I think that's a great analysis. For the last year, I thought Wilder was just an arrogant flash in the pan.

But since he threatened to leave TOR mid-contract and head for the NFL last year, only to discover that none of the NFL teams wanted him...maybe he's not really an American style running back either.

Does Lithuania have a football team? :wink:

Assume you mean "Ivan diablo" and not "Lsmith101"

Well, he should throw on a t-shirt next time he’s interviewed pre-game.

Yeah, your buff. Get over yourself.

Yes, sorry if that wasn’t clear.