Argos with 5 cups in 25 years.

this graphic shows then futility of the Bummers, but also show something else.

still better than the far.

Bombers tend to win GC’s in bunches…1984,88 & 90 and 1958, 59, 61 & 62 so I’m sure another hot streak is just around the corner…

83 QBs? That has to be a typo. :lol:

otoh, Ottawa hasn't won since they broke my heart in 76

Could be worse. They could be the Cubs.

It doesn't say starters, so likely either played a snap or dressed for a game.

Any team that didn't know to put 5 guys on Tony "Just ask me how great I was" Gabriel deserved the loss.


The Moment MLSE decided to go with an MLS franchise opposed to investing in the Argo's and CFL placed the Argos in downtown Toronto behind he 8 ball.
MLSE and Rogers are just too big, powerful, and have deep pockets.
First opposed to making BMO a CFL/Soccer venue; as Ottawa, Hamilton, and Winnipeg did; the Argos moved to the 5th team in a 5 team pro city.
Toronto is the only city in which this is the case.
The CFL gets great numbers with TSN on the National stage but the Leafs both get this coverage as well on the major Sports Networks. The Raptors get most and TFC gets a nice chunk as well.
London supports all of its teams very well. Starting with the OHL and Also the new NBL C.
Closer bye Hamilton has turned a huge corner with the CFL with THF. The Bulldogs as well have been a solid AHL club. Oshawa has a newer Arena and supports the OHL franchise. Mississauga has also started to thrive in the OHL after leaving the crowded Toronto. K-W the Rangers have turned up the heat with big crowds and tons of interest which is leading to the need for an Arena upgrade.
CFL has really turned it around since 2007 and are on a higher level than the OHL.
MLSE and Rogers dominate the downtown Toronto. This does not mean that a newer ownership group could rise like OSEG did in starting with just the OHL 67's. Big reason being they play in a much different part of Ottawa than the NHL Sens.

Winning 5 Cups in 25 yrs isn't really that big of a deal,that leaves 20 yrs where they didn't win a Cup. In the history of the CFL there has been more impressive runs then this.Although in this day in age I guess 5 in 25 is considered impressive considering that the age of the dynasty in pretty much any sport is a thing of the past.
For example:
Eskimos 3 in a row (54,55,56)and 5 in a row (78,79,80,81,82) add the 75 Cup and you have 6 Cups in 8 yrs add the 87 Cup and you have 7 Cups in 13 yrs.
Bombers 4 in 5 years(58,59,61,62)and 3 in 7 yrs (84,88,90)
Ti-Cats 5 in 15 years(53,57,63,65,67)and 3 in 5 yrs(63,65,67) add the 72 Cup and you have 4 Cups in 10 yrs
Ottawa 4 in 9 years (68,69,73,76)
Montreal 3 in 8 years (70,74,77) and 3 in 9 years (2002,2009,2010)
BC 4 in 17 years (94,00,06,11)
on the other hand you still have 6 more Cup victories in Winnipeg (10) than the Riders have had (4)in 101 years,although to the Riders credit they have their last 2 Cups in the last 7 years.
So realistically in relative terms,yes the Bombers are in a drought,but it's not as bad as it seems,my guess is in the next 5 years they will break their streak and become Champions once again.

God, I would hope it wasn't just starters. :lol: I think the coaching and QB turnover is probably one of the reasons for the lack of Grey Cups.

do qbs play snap. wonder if it helps keep them sharp

Click this link and you too will be playing snap.