ARGOS WINS......22 TO 16.........vs. CALGARY.

HAPPY CANADA DAY…OTTAWA WINS IN OVER TIME …beating MONTREAL. :lol: :lol: :smiley: :smiley:


Damn right! Argos will repeat! Now to watch the Riders kick some Tabbie ass tomorrow.

What the heck was up with Baker?

I thought that was a little strange as well. I heard that Noel Prefontaine allegedly spit on him but I’m not 100% sure about that. All I know is the Argos will be running a little extra on Monday for that incident.

Reports I’ve heard have said that it was Calgary’s Rahim Abdullah who was the spitter. Regardless, Baker showed a great deal of immaturity in the whole situation. Football is about discipline and the coaching staff seemed to be taking him off the field to cool him off. To attack a teammate is completely irresponsible. Baker’s selfishness could have cost his team the game.

Did anyone notice that Baker seemed to be in tears after Pinball’s talk following his TD catch?

HEY…how are you?..nice metting you…great seats…we had section 110 last year…these are better…ARGOS WIN…and did you get a chance to watch the OTTAWA vs. Montreal…what a game?

I will be watching LIVE 8 , today…until 7 then I turn on the CBC… :smiley: