***Argos @ Winnipeg***

Argos NEED this to keep pace with the 9-6 Alouettes

toronto finds themselves down 8-0 early

67 km/hour winds against the argos

winnipeg is punting 70+ yards!!!!!

Again, soft D versus the run.

I suck again! I forgot about the Als/Lions game. Just started watching…and Winnipeg is ahead 8-0 in the first with about 8 minutes left.

haha look at that punt, that wind must be really strong. you probably want to try to avoid punting with the wind in your face.

67 km / hour winds

Cmon the Peg!!!

thats GOTTA be a GROUNDING CALL against kevin glen

nice left handed throw, I didn't see any receivers around there though, almost had it intercepted.

Field goal westwood 11-0

the forums seem to be crawling right now anyone else experienceing this.

Miles catch and run up to the 8 yard line

ARGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


next stop........MONTREAL....who has to win...after that incredible game!!!!!!!!

great to see the riders aren't the only team guilty of the defense breaking down late

gawd, if we had a secondary, we'd be in the play-offs!!! .....but what was that lame brained delay of game penalty when it looked like we could drive for a td - was that glenn's fault or coaches or both??? as soon as i saw Damon had the ball with a minute left, i knew the game was over w our secondary!


You guys are lucky the Argos won, or you would herre me complaining for a decade(no call on DA hit after wistle, all about who won coin flip)

he was going to complain about the refs, everyone jump all over him! oh wait he isn't a rider fan call off the dogs.

Can anyone remind me how the Argos are 9-6?

is..."by beating winnipeg" the correct answer?


........the hit on DA was inexcusable.....how can the refs say 'oh, maybe Fleming didn't hear the whistle'.......Allen heard the whistle and let up......crowd noise is no excuse.........I know Fleming is a decent guy and all, I don't think for a second it was intentional.......but he laid DA out........not cool.........

.........and Canada's rip of the TO lineman's helmet........very unclassy to then throw it on the ground.....

........poor sportsmenship........