Argos Win

Despite the win, there are problems with the offence. I was surprised John Williams was called upon in the goal line situation. Not a good sign when you can't punch it in from the one with I believe 4 attempts.

Hope to see Chad Remple play ahead of Boerigter & use his roster spot to get Troy Davis in the backfield with Edwards.

Lets take it to Montreal the next two weeks!!!!

They need to decide on 4 or 5 starting receivers. There are still to many guys coming in and out of the offense which is complicating things. By my count there's Bruce, Murphy, Miles, Talbot, Cetoute, Johnson, Rempel, & Boerigter. And I have no idea why Williams was getting the ball in a goal line situation. As long as the defence and special teams play like they did we are a contender.

I went to yesterday's game. To tell the truth it was boring.

Defence for the Argos was amazing as usual, but there were too many penalties.

Edmonton had their back-up QB start since Ricky Ray is injured. They really never had a chance.

Glad Argos came out with the win though. Bishop is our saviour!

As an Argo fan, I am happy that we are now winning, but I don't feel that confident.

It is our special teams that are winning it for us and I don't believe that punt returns and interception returns for touchdowns are going to continue happening.

We need to have a real offence and to be fair, we wouldn't be much ahead of Hamilton in the standings if it weren't for our defence and special teams.

Bishop is not the answer. I don't know what is the answer, but I know that he isn't it.

Don't forget the famous phrase though man:

"Defense wins Championships!"