ARGOS win classic : The CFL at it's best!

WOW , what a game!!!!!!! :thup:

The crowd of 26,000+ means nothing. :thup:

For those who don't believe me , the Semi Finals in both the WEST and EAST traditionally have had low attendences.

In the Last 2 weeks ARGOS fans were asked to buy very expensive GREY CUP , tickets. 38,000+ came to the last game of the season Vs. Montreal last week and there was 30,000+ at the game before that. The ARGOS only had 3 days to sell tickets to the general public for this great game after dealing with the season ticket holders. AND BOY were they loud. :thup:

In CALGARY , what would have been their attendence WITH OUT those great SASK. fans? :thup:

The T.V. numbers should be about 1 MILLION + for both games each or close to that! :thup:

I thought the ARGOS were dead 2 times. :thdn:

  1. Behind 10 points in the 4th quarter.
    BISHOP and BRUCE , WOW! :thup:

  2. On WINNIPEGS last drive of the game.

SEE YOU ALL IN MONTREAL in front of 50,000+ and with TONY MILES , back in the ARGO line up! :thup:


WHAT A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! :thup:

Boy, even with the small crowd, the atmosphere in that stadium was electric.

For the last 3 minutes of the game, the fans were just standing and cheering. I love this league!

HOW true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!