ARGOS win , are 1st.... in the EAST........!!!!!

maybe winnipeg will have a change for revenge in the playoffs....MAYBE?

Sorry to burst your bubble hellothere(No I'm not) :wink:

You are tied with Ottawa with 10 points each. Actually I always liked baseball's method of standings because it takes into account unequal number of games played. If this were baseball, Toronto would be alone in first by 1/2 game

We have a better won loss record.........and a half game , is a half game...............TSN has TORONTO at the top.

That is the first time TORONTO has been at the top of the standings..........when they were tied.....with some one.

I will take the win.........and hope that we can beat CALGARY on 3 days rest....................

I also won my bet with.................... 3 and 10 :wink: :smiley:

Sure a half game is a half but we dont count half games :wink:
TSN puts Toronto on top!!! whoda thunk it? :wink:

Congrats on the win

Congrats to the Argos, Wow! the East is rather completive this year!!! what a difference a season can make!

the leauge is messed up... they have Toronto listed as first in the east... but Ottawa SHOULD be first in the East based on the CFL rules for breaking ties.... ties in the standings are broken by different factors...

  1. won the greater number of games played against all clubs... both have 5... they are still tied so they go to 2
  2. won the greater number of games played against other tied team... they haven't played each other yet... so on to #3
  3. has scored the higher net aggregate of points (i.e. points scored for
    less points scored against) in games played against the other tied club... again.. haven't played each other...
  4. has scored the higher net quotient of points (i.e. points scored for
    divided by points scored against) in games played against the other tied
    clubs... still tied...
  5. has won the greater number of games (or percentage of games)
    played against all member clubs of the division... here's where the tie gets broken... Ottawa is 2 - 0 against East teams... Toronto is 1 - 1 against East teams... so Ottawa should be in first

Info taken from the official CFL rulebook found here and the tie breaking rules are on page 6

Cool but what's the difference.
One way or another it will change on Wednesday

only if they win... if they don't... it stays the same... and it's going to be a tough game... with only 3 days rest Toronto is going to be tired

Yup you're right, but again whats the difference?

no REAL difference... i could really care less who wins the East... as long as my Lions take the West that's all that matters to me... but someone started this thread.... so i figured i'd throw it out there.... plus i think the league should at least be on top of their own rules

Well If it was the end of the season and we were heading into the playoffs I’m sure it would be right.

If it was the end of the season, and the argo's were healthy, they would finish #1...the boatmen have a well balanced team and that for ever young QB is simply amazing...but anything can happen in the playoffs

Slam Sports…also has the ARGOS in first.As I have written…all the other times that the ARGOS were tied with another team , the other team was higher,at TSN.

That means MONTREAL is in 3rd place.

The ARGOS are in first because of a better won , loss record than, OTTAWA.Other wise all sports sites would have OTTAWA, on top.But they don’t. :wink: :smiley:

OTTAWA, has lost 1 more game than the ARGOS…and that is the major deciding factor. :smiley: Their records are not equal.

Sorry HT but the rule book spells it out.
nowhere does loses come into the equation
It should be listed as Ottawa in first.
but again it makes no difference

yeah.... agreed... you're wrong Hellothere... i C&P'd straight from the rule book... as ro1313 stated... nothing about how many losses... the only thing that comes close is #5 "has won the greater number of games (OR PERCENTAGE OF GAMES) played against all member clubs of the DIVISION" the percentage is the closest you're going to get for taking losses into account... and since it's only against Division teams... and Ottawa is 2-0 against East teams 100%... and Toronto is 1-1 against East teams 50%... Ottawa wins the tie breaker... if this were the end of the season... Ottawa would be in first... even though they have lost one more game...

Then the CFL , TSN and SLAM Sports are wrong , as well..........why not wright them and complain.? :arrow:

This is not a tie breaker , that tie breaker rule doesn't apply 8) . They have yet to play an equal amount of games.......and it is not the end of the season. :wink:

BUT......... 1 thing is for sure , MONTREAL is in third. :smiley:

yes as a matter of fact they do have it wrong... but i don't care enough to WRITE them and complain... if you want you can copy and paste my post from up there and send it to them if you want to though... the Lions are first in the league... thats all i really care about... was just pointing it out is all... and it also doesn't say that those tie breakers aren't in effect if the 2 teams haven't played the same amout of games...

Any way ..............B.C. are the team to beat , now.

and all of this could change on Wednesday after the ARGOS play CALGARY.

Hey, congrats to Toronto.

Beating Edmonton is always a though thing to do. Beating them on their turf is even worse. Toronto is showing just how good they are when they go pick up 2 standing points way back in the West.

The great thing for the boatmen is they corrected the weakness they had last year. In 2004, they had a struggling offence. But now, the receivers can turn a short play into an 90 yards TD drive.

That wouldn't happen in Montreal, as all the Alouettes receivers dive when tackled.

All the Argos need now to be unstoppable is a good HB, but who really needs a runner when Damon Allen plays the best football of his career.

Now that Montreal is out of the way, the Argos are free to battle it up with the Renegades. And something tells me the Rens will soon step down to battle the birds for 2nd place.

The Eastern Final will be played in the Skydome, at last! I need to buy my ticket already. Unfortunately, I can't book my days off right now because the game will probably need rescheduling, as it is so often the case in the beautiful Queen City!

I hope it'll be a snowy day, because I'd love to take a picture of the army shoveling three inches of snow in a paralysed downdown Toronto.