ARGOS win 3rd straight!

The ARGOS posted a dramatic come from behind win in WINNIPEG on Friday Night Football! :thup:

ARGOS 18 , WINNIPEG 15. :thup:

The ARGOS were down 15 to 0 at half time. :thdn:

They didn't explode until the 4th quarter for an impressive come back win. :thup:

The ARGOS could have lost this game because the REFS got a T.D. catch by the ARGOS wrong. :thdn: The play was challenged and the call was rightfully reversed. :thup:

Thank you instant re-play. IT WORKS! :thup:

ALLEN , threw for 277 yards and could pass MOON's record in HAMILTON.

AVERY run for 97 yards!

The ARGOS ofter cheap bus packages to HAMILTON for the LABOUR DAY game in HAMILTON on MONDAY AUG. 1st , 2006. :thup:

Any one here going???????? 8)

Darn, to bad the Argos won. I was so wanting the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to win. They were so close too. Oh well better luck next time. Hopefully Stgeall is back for a game next week. Maybe they can sort out their coaching issues for next game;).
But as always, GO BC LIONS!! :smiley: :rockin:

Yes, I'm going Labour Day because I live near Hamilton. Shhhhh, I have Argo season tiks.

That was a very close game that the Argos had no business winning.