Argos will Rep the East

Prediction: Argos will take care of Montreal in the Eastern semi - Final @ Rogers Centre and then go to Winnipeg were the D shuts Glenn and company down in the cold weather.

It could happen. Montreal is definitely on the decline and even though Winnipeg won on Saturday they were lucky to beat the Cats. Hamilton is playing much better, but they have no chance of making the playoffs.

The Argos defence is playing well although I still think their offence is not very good. I know you don't like stats, but realistically the only reason the Argos have been winning is because of defence and special teams. They have been outplayed in most of the offensive stats in almost every game this season.
If that doesn't change, I think they are in trouble.

P.S. Waterdownargos, you didn't respond to me saying that I wasn't CFL123. I still don't know your rationale in that thinking. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

What about Robert Edwards? Over 100 yrds on the ground. You don't need to have the best passing game to be the best. I will admit that Bishop's performance hasn't been great so far, the receivers are dropping a ton of balls as well. But if the Argos win it will be on the strength of their D, Bishop just has to be decent, he doesn't have to shoot out the lights. But I think we are just getting warmed up - the best is yet to come once Bruce III and Bishop get on the same page. We good recivers coming out the yin yang and then throw in Troy Davis.

PS sorry about the wild accusations.

You are right about the Argos winning because of defence & special teams...just like in 2004 when they won the Grey Cup.

I thought they were as good as dead a few games ago, but was I proved wrong!!!

Representing the East is now very possible.

ARRRRRRRGOOOOOOOOOOOOS! Goodbye Edmonton. Next up, Montreal, with the series of the season.

argo's and bombers, could happen, as for T.O coming to Winterpeg and shutting down the Blue Crew, highly doubt it, nice dreaming though, oh p.s we have the best offense and defense in the league, better prepare for the cold!! hopefully see ya in a few weeks, unless Montreal upsets the Argo's AGAIN!! lmao

Yeah, bunch of NFL wannabees...hehe

Argos aint nothing.

How do you figure that Winnipeg has the best defence. Last time I checked Toronto had the #1 ranked defence with the fewest TDs and the fewest 1st downs allowed. Also, least yards allowed passing. Winnipeg will choke when it counts like they always do. When was the last time you guys won a championship??

Oh pardon me , the Argo's out rank us in 3 categories on D out of 9 or 10, hardly dominant, and by less then 100 yards in each 3. Also look at the East VS. east records, the home/away records, the giveaway/takeaway ratio's, oh and the offense categories, The Peg ranked #1 in pretty much every category and where is Toronto.... LOL .... look and tell me... lmao ... all i am saying is your D can't win that game alone, as you make it sound, cause bothe D'S are pretty even from what i see, don't get too ahead of yourself yet, still 5 games left in the season and T.O has to get to the playoff's, get through the first round against whoever, before even talking about coming into OUR HOUSE and getting spanked all over The Peg.

With special teams playing such an important role in the CFL, I suggest the Bombers should replace Troy Widewood with a reliable placekicker, not wtith Rob Pikula...

How many championships do you guys have lately???

Pretty irrelevant, as we are talking about this year, not the past .. lol ... How many championships do we have lately doesn't matter, what matters is this year. And you can't win another Grey Cup, with Pinhead clemons as your coach either, as i said you have a long way to go as you have to make the playoffs (ahead of montreal and edmonton), then beat one, then come to the Peg to get your a$$es whipped all over the Peg.

Edmonton is looking really threatening right now.