Argos will lose w/ macbeth under centre in game 1

he is not a good qb and certainly not good for fans since fans like wins

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Arbuckle is injured and they have no choice. MaBeth just needs protection, he's got a lot of good targets out there.

he cant hit the targets - recall last year a wide open #19 middle of field, able to walk in for td to win game [last play of game]

he is just old n slow, bad arm, bad brain to read def

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How long is Arbuckle out for?

This says Bethel-Thompson is starting:

Are you guys insane? If you watched 2019 he lit up every team but Argo defence was Swiss cheese. Calgary….0-1 to start the season. Oh well.


He's not out, he's listed as the backup on the depth chart so must be a minor injury.
The 3rd QB is on the practice roster.
Calgary the first team so far to put a 3rd QB on their game day roster

argos start season at 0-1 after macbeth leads then to defeat in calgary

He's got a glute issue. That means that he's a pain in the a ... :stuck_out_tongue:

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he has a gluten issue ? lol

Come on Ivan, just say it. MBT played a pretty good game. Lol Not his fault Ricky Collins didn't protect the football on that long pass and run. I like MBT new long hair look.
I thought the Argo offensive line played ok with 4 new guys. Tough spot for the young rookie Nicastro having to start so early. But he should only get better. I expect they were expecting to bring him along a little slower. Lemon kept a move in his back pocket to use on Dejon Allen late in the game, but I like what I saw in Allen as a LT. Argo receivers are as advertised. It is going to be difficult for defenses to key on anybody there. Thought the ex-NFL defensive line guys were going through a CFL learning curve. Training camp is over so those guys will have to step it up. Except for Judge the veteran D Guys played well IMO. Hughes, Muamba, Richardson and the rest of the DB's. Bebe has always made me nervous with his field goals, but he has a great leg for distance. Maybe they will eventually give Sato a shot at kicking the field goals. But I like this team so far. They can only get better IMO.


Got the job done tonite.

MBT 1, Ivan 0. :slight_smile:


Had a great game
70% + 2 TD & 350 YDs

Plus they marched down field at end to setup the winning FG


have 2 admit it but macbeth played well

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…he did play well, even when Calgary’s D was trying to throw him off by overloading the line and blitzing backfield players he stood in there and delivered…when Arbuckle is healthy the Argos have a predicament on their hands, in a good way…

i don't think they go away from Mac...regardless of Arbuckle. He goesinto Calgary and wins...he's their guy now imo

to go into calgary and win
and give a big shout too the defence to limit calgary's offene

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oops !!!! macbeth sure showed me - i hope he shows me again today !!

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First person I've ever seen actually seen say oops on their own thread. Most people just make a bold claim and when their wrong they never bring it up. Big respect ivan

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i was wrong - same ol' smelly macbeth
just get him to shag punt/fg balls