ARGOS - Will History Of Success Repeat Itself ?

OK, I know we have enough Argo posts of concern.

However, I want to take this to a different angle.

This is not about the Argos as much as it is about what has happened in the past.

Popp , Trestmen, and players have gone to double blue.

History has recorded , that a successful coach, GM and system can win and change things.


Wally in Calgary was handcuffed by a couple of control freak idiots that ruined the Stamps.
Wally goes to BC with many of his coaches and players and turns things into many years of success.

Lancaster turns the Esks into a powerful team, then does the same in Hamilton with " his " players and wins a Cup.

However, will the 2017 Argos enjoy the success of proven winners coming over as other teams have had ?
In the Argos case, it is not just about wins as it is about wins putting fans back in the stadium.

We can only hope.

Trestman is a good CFL coach so the team should be better. Popp, who knows, he turned Montreal into a bit of a circus his last few years. I doubt the new owners would put up with a gong show if Popp trys the same stuff. ie Sam, Ochocinco etc.. Popp will probably go back to being a low key good general manager especially with new owners in Toronto. If he does the same thing with the gong show like in Montreal, expect him to be canned.

No and yes.

No, 2017 won't see a huge change other than they should make the playoffs.

Long term, yes, Popp and Trestmen will turn it around. Popps last couple years in Montreal suffered from poor coaching and Popps decision to take the coaching reins himself at times. I think in Toronto he will be satisfied to sit back and concentrate on GM duties knowing he has Trestmen as a HC. I expect a steady improvement with the Argos, but I'm also realistic and see anything beyond a Divisional Semi-Final appearance as over achieving for this season.