Argos were classless tonite

  1. Arland Bruce TD dance (taking off his pads and helmet.)

  2. Reggie McNeal TD dance (crotch grabbing dance dedicated to MJ)

  3. All of the stupid celebrations everytime they made a sack

  4. The over exuberance when a simple first down is made

  5. Belli acting like an idiot after a sack

  6. The tripping kicker

You would have thought that the Argos were in the Grey Cup. Everytime they made a play, they acted like it was the greatest play ever made and that it won them the Grey Cup.

Bruce, McNeal and the kicker should all be fined heavily and/or suspended for their actions. There is no place for what they did in our game.

For those who don’t know, the post touchdown antics by Arland Bruce was an apparant tribute to Michael Jackson according to Bruce.

He stripped off his helmet, jersey and pads, laid flat out on the turf with his arms crossed as if he was deceased and in a coffin.

huh? that’s a tribute? :expressionless:

I hope the league suspends Bruce this time.

Obviously last years "Spiderman" fine was not a deterrent.

Behaviour such as this should result in an automatic one game suspension for a first time offender.

You expected class from the Argos?

They've never had any. Ever.

The ONLY thing that was a tribute to.. was his idiocy!!!

Instant suspension.

One game to start.

He’s a jerk.

Apparently the crotch grab by McNeal was a tribute as well. What a bunch of jerks. I hope we creme them on labour day.

Short pussycat memory. LMAO

The year where they did the popcorn celebration in the East final before the Als wiped them out would be BURNT INTO MY SKULL and would ensure that I would never allow myself to be ridiculous in an endzone again if I were Bruce. But that is me, not him.

Oski Wee Wee,

I really wish the CFLPA would step up to the plate and denounce this crap as unbecoming a professional football player.

Arland Bruce and others are showing disrespect to the trade/craft/profession or whatever word you want to use in my opinion.

I was just a little miffed no one dedicated a touchdown to the memory of Billy Mays.

Laying on the ground like a mummy as a tribute to MJ?

How does that work?

  • paul

Maybe he was pretending to be in a hyperbaric chamber?

Ahhh, good call.

Very deep.

I am impressed Arland.

I am just glad he didn't jump in to a section with children as a tribute.


  • paul

Good one Paul!

Way too many Michael Jackson jokes. Must show restraint.

Fred Biletnikoff once caught a touchdown with two pounds of stickum on his person. No, it was not Mighty Putty, but the thought counted. LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

These are freakin' ARGO's after all!!!!
What role models do they really have? Who do they have to look up to?

It really worries me that if he lays there pretending to be dead someone will actually kill him. When I saw him laying there I did have to restrain from jumping over the railings to make that his actual resting position.

I agree this crap should be a game suspension and fine from the league.

It is degrading to the CFL game. :thdn:

Nothing against celberating a TD but methinks thats a tad too far

It continues to annoy me when the camera zooms in on a player on the sidelines after a touchdown to hear him rant on about this and that. Why give these players a forum to look stupid like that? You don't see players Ben Cahoon do it.


Who cares? They played better than we did. So what does" classless" have to do with it?
More to the point is that they were fired up and ready to play more than we were. :frowning:

To me, both celebrations are disrespectful to Jackson, but putting down the Argos for this isn't going to change the score from the game... :frowning: