argos website :(

on my opinion i think the argos badly need a new website :frowning: i've seen the other teams websites and they are much better than the argos. does anyone agree :?:

The Riders are in more deperate of need for a new website. To steal a term from others, the Riders website "craps the bed".

wow u are right! :shock:

put it this way bombers, renegades, argos, and riders could all use new sites like the cfl's. :smiley:

Maybe we can be a poor excuse of a team,and charge people for web site. needs to be bought into this century......the worst in the CFL.......blame THE TORONTO SUN.........they suck.

It was a joke.
Riders are the poor excuse of a team,that charges the fans!!!!

I wasn't is pretty bad..................but what the hell....... :wink: :smiley:

The Argos' site isn't that bad, but I admit it does need a little sprucing up. The Bombers' site definitely needs to improve as does the 'Gades. As for the Riders' site, I can't really judge cuz why should I pay to visit a sports team's website. Unless it has pics of their cheerleading team frolicking naked in the wheat fields, I aint interested.