Argos want to sign Buratto*

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At the top of Adam Rita's off-season to-do list is once again ending his coaching career.

The Argos general manager handled much of the offensive co-ordinator duties this season after Kent Austin was fired in early August. But he has no desire to make it permanent.

Rita admitted yesterday that Steve Buratto, recently fired from the Calgary Stampeders, is at the top of his list along with Argos offensive assistant Paul Lapolice.

"(Buratto) did a lot with what he had in Calgary," Rita said. "We would like to have a guy with some experience and a guy that can move the football."

Buratto was let go by the Stamps after their West Division semi-final loss to Saskatchewan and has worked with Rita in the past.


Lapolice began the season as the Argos receivers coach but had his duties expanded after Austin was fired.

Another order of business for Rita is to solve the situation at starting quarterback. With it sounding more and more like Damon Allen won't be that guy, Rita admitted the search is on.

"We're always looking for those," Rita said when asked if he was seeking for a starting quarterback. "They just don't grow on trees."

Michael Bishop, who looked solid in relief of Allen the past two weeks, said yesterday that he would like the chance to take that job permanently.

"Hopefully it is a situation that is going to work out for me," Bishop said. "We'll talk to the organization and talk to my people to see what's going on to make the best situation for myself."

Rita admitted it could be a busy off-season of retooling on both sides of the ball.

At running back, Ricky Williams will return to the NFL's Miami Dolphins breaking up the two-man backfield he shared with John Avery.

On defence, Rita said he wouldn't mind adding some more youth to complement the veteran unit.

"We haven't been able to get it done with the guys we have here," Rita said of possible personnel changes.

Business-wise, as host of the 2007 Grey Cup, the team has a lot riding on next season. Attendance suffered a small decline in '06 and the team must be embarrassed at the 26,214 who showed up for the East semi-final, just two more than the lowest attendance of the season.

People in Toronto want to go to Argo games at the new soccer stadium going up, that is where the action will be and the sooner people realize this, the better.

how can u speak for all the people in toronto?

especially since your in

the argos should get danny barrett to be offensive coordinator and assistant head coach.
the argos are a notoriously cheap team, why haven't they spent money to hire a QBs Coach. The argos need to spend more money on quality coaches. I looked at their website and they have the smallest coaching staff in the league.

Also the argos must spend money and scout the college ranks and nfl waiver wire and sign a quality fullback, i want a 6'4'' 250 lb. fullback who can actually block and is serious about football, stop using these 210 lb. canadian runningbacks as fullbacks, and sign a legit blocker.

Change up the offensive line and get all those old guys like st.john, folk, and costa outta there. move washburn and davis to guard positions, sign a new right tackle and centre.

get roy shivers to work in the front office, because he scout talent, even though he might be outspoken, the man knows how to find talented players.

Danny Barrett isnt stupid. You and me both know Hamilton will be calling him if he doesnt come backā€¦

if danny chooses to go to hamilton, i would be fine with that, this is a good character guy and he is valuable to any team. BTW, i was rooting for the riders to win the grey cup, i enjoyed watching their team, and wish we could get some of their players in Toronto.

basiclly, u want the argos to bring in barret, shivers, joseph, domingez, fantuz, kieth and change thier jerseys to green.

i would be fine with that. at least the riders dont waste almost a million dollars on RBs that dont produce(RICKY WILLIAMS AND JOHN AVERY), the riders have productive players, and they are an entertaining team to watch.

stop pretending your an argo fan, look in the mirror and admit you bleed green.

ive always been fond of regina and watching those ladies that watch the game from the hottub during the games.

Haha! Thats the best thing youve said on here lol!

i agree.....funny stuff.

at least regina has the common sense to install a hottub at games and consistently able to attract young female fans to games.

I know he is in good shape, but if Rita thinks Burrato can "move the football", he might not realize Burrato is in his mid-sixties...?

burrato is not the answer, the argos need to take their time and sign a QBs coach and an offensive coordinator.