Argos want to host Ticats at Labour Day classic

What do you guys think? Apparently Dave Braley wants to have the Labour Day game switched so that the game is hosted in Toronto in the future. I know this won't fly in the Hammer. But, the rest of the article is also interesting. Braley basically wants to confirm the notion of the "centre of the universe".

Braley hopes another Grey Cup will be awarded to Toronto within the next four years. He is pushing for other events like the annual coach-of-the-year banquet to be held in the city. He also suggests moving the awards show, held during Grey Cup week, to another week and having it in Toronto
I don't agree at all with another Grey Cup in Toronto within 4 years, let someone else have it for a change. I also think it's a dumb idea to split up the player awards from the Grey Cup festival. The two are part and parcel. I do think it could be a good idea to have the coach of the year award in Toronto though. The CFL doesn't really make a huge deal about it now anyways. Also, in a couple years, the CFL is looking to hold live drafts in a Toronto theater. Similar to the NFL or NBA draft.

Here's the link : ... y-classic/

Another point to this topic, is the idea of having Thanksgiving weekend as another rivalry week. So basically instead of having Calgary play in Edmonton the week after labour day or the banjo bowl the following week, those re-matchs would be played during the Thanksgiving day weekend.

Personally I think this idea has merit. Sure you lose the unique short week re-match scenario, but overall for football sakes it's a far better idea. Back-to-back games in football generally don't work out too well as it's very, very difficult to beat a team consecutively. I think making a bigger deal out of thanksgiving would be great for the league. That way all teams get to host a "Big" regular season game and make for better football.

Well, as for LD, The Cats may not have a stadium to play in, they might have to move the '13 game at least, probably SkyDome. That is if Rogers let's the Argos play there.

As for GC, I love how the GC rotates around the league. Whether Toronto should get one soon again after '12, well Vancouver gets it every 6, Montreal every 7 it seems, and these towns usually have a much better atmosphere and event. Maybe Toronto should just take their turn like everyone else.

And I agree that the awards are part of GC week. Even though the average fan cant afford the tux and all, it's still part of the week. We're all in the bar, watching the ceremony on the tube. If it's in another town, then you can't fly the players that are playing in the GC top the ceremony and then back across the country for the game, so it would have to be after the GC, and then it would be anticlimactic, and lower TV ratings. Bad idea.

i love this idea!

Im not a fan. the rematch right away makes the LDC basicly two games. the rematch had higher ratings for calgary edmonton game then actual LDC last year. there are some things you can mess with... this is not one of them.

I do like the idea of having the draft in an autotorium. Also, i think putting the grey cup in the bigger cities with domed stadiums helps the league and makes it great.

Braley is doing what every good owner should, what’s best for his team.

Like I said in the other thread, the Argos needs to be the ‘centre’ of the league, best of everything is the only thing good enough for that market. Braley ‘gets it’ and will probably get everything he asks for, you know he would have the full support of Cohon and TSN behind him.

Can't argue with that at all! Cohon i would say owes braley a favor or two for buying th argos from the clowns. TSN will always support anything that puts more attention on Toronto. being the Toronto Sports Network. The only think i dont like is taking away the labour day rematch.

Labour day in southern Ontario is Hamilton's day. The city is traditionally a blue collar, labour town. If the game is played in Toronto, the Ti-Cats would lose their biggest draw of the year and I am sure the numbers would not be as good in Toronto. I don't think Braley would go for this when he owned the Cats and being from Hamilton he knowable what that game means to the city. Looks like Brarley needs to go back drinking beer and stay away from those fancy drinks with umbrellas in them that they serve in Toronto.

It could work if it became a joint game... offer busses and great ticket prices to hamilton fans, and give a % of the revenue to the cats. even if all the fans that come to both games were to show up though, still wouldnt sell out the skydome.

I like this to a degree. The Tor-Ham rematch is not a huge deal, the Edm-Cal rematch would not be hurt by moving it to Thanksgiving as these 2 play like it's the LDC in pre season. Move those 2 to Thanksgiving and leave the Banjo Bowl for the week after Labour Day. This game has become the biggest regular season game of the year outside of the holiday games and the allure of the game could be lost if it is moved a month down the road.

As for the LDC in Toronto, I'm an Argo fan and I'll admit that's a selfish and self serving play by Braley. It is tradition that Hamilton and Toronto meet on Labour Day in Hamilton. The league made one mistake this season don't compound it by making a new one on the same game next year.

Braley can wait.

I don't care if he owns two teams.

Toronto shouldn't get the Grey Cup again until all other 7 teams have had it.

Regina hasn't been able to have it because of their stadium and neither has Hamilton.

Winnipeg's getting a new Stadium and based on the rotation, it's their turn in 2013. then Ottawa in 2014 as per the agreement

so that means Saskatchewan should get it in 2015, assuming their new stadium is built.

and the Awards ceremony is held in the Grey Cup City, always has and always should be!

I think the GC in Toronto within 4 years of hosting it is too soon, but the other changes make some sense to me.

This is for you HalfTheDstance; Get the Labour Dat Classic out of Hamilton and into Toronto where it belongs.

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What is the Labor Day Classic?

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The Labour Day Classics should all be moved permanently to Hawaii.

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