Argos want to host Labour Day !!

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David Braley thinks it is about time the Toronto Argonauts hosted the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Labour Day.

“I’m sure Hamilton’s going to fight like hell, but when you think about it, it’s common sense,? Braley, the owner of the Argos and B.C. Lions, said on Wednesday. “It should alternate between the two cities each year.?

“I can see, three or four years down the road, 40,000 or even 50,000 sitting at the Rogers Centre watching a Labour Day game,? said Braley, who is “very serious? about the idea.

They tried that already..... it was a complete failure!!

No need to go there again!

When? As the story says, "The Ticats have faced the Argos on Labour Day 42 times since 1949 and each time the game has been played in Hamilton."

Labour day in southern Ontario is Hamilton's day. The city is traditionally a blue collar, labour town. If the game is played in Toronto, the Ti-Cats would lose their biggest draw of the year and I am sure the numbers would not be as good in Toronto. I don't think Braley would go for this when he owned the Cats and being from Hamilton he knowable what that game means to the city. Looks like Brarley needs to go back drinking beer and stay away from those fancy drinks with umbrellas in them that they serve in Toronto.

There is no place to tailgate in Toronto. The stadium is terrible for a football game in Toronto.

Parking and getting to Toronto is a pain in the ass! Need I go on? Please leave "The Labour Day Classic" in HAMILTON.


Do you honestly think there are no blue collar working class people in Toronto?

Maybe the Argos could start a new tradition more befitting their own fan base, and host a game on, say, Secretaries Day.

Let them give it a try, in 2013, and see how it works out.

I can't find anywhere that I said there were no working class people in Toronto. However if you asked which town typifies the image of working class blue collar people, Hamilton or Toronto, I am sure the vast majority would say Hamilton.


Labour day is Our game Hands off!!

UGGHHH… you just know the league is gonna cater to braley.

They wouldn’t do this to Calgary or Saskatchewan… but I have a feeling Hamilton will get screwed on this one.

Why can’t we do what the Riders/Bombers do and set up a Braley Bowl… on the weekend after labour day every year.

I've had this idea for a while so maybe this might work...

Holiday traditional rivalry games...

Labour Day ...Toronto vs Hamilton/Edmonton vs Calgary/Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan/Montreal vs BC (maybe Ottawa...Potentially Quebec City?)

Thanksgiving Weekend...Hamilton vs Toronto/Calgary vs Edmonton/Saskatchewan vs Winnipeg/Montreal vs BC (or whomever)...

I realize that,for whatever reason the following week seems to be reserved for the return matchups for Winnipeg and Edmonton..However,I think that the several week buildup for the rematch in a rivalry game might assist in making it more important.Not to mention that it's a holiday that seems to keep people near their homes and not away for the weekend...

Just something I've thought about for a long time...And,it might appease someone like Braley,who might get his way considering his clout as an owner...

This is exactly what they should do...alternate and play back to back games, each hosting the other.

I think this thread should also have [joke] appended onto the title.

I agree ottawacat, 2013 would be a great time to experiment.
Just bring it back in 2014

Who are you asking? It's such a simplistic view that Hamilton is about steel mills and Toronto is about business towers that it's usually the basis of humour, not image. The vast majority of Hamiltonians do not work in a steel mill. You wouldn't like how the vast majority of Canadians view Hamilton. I suspect the vast majority of CFL fans view the city based on the stadium fiasco.

Alternating between the two cities for Labour Day may be the best thing for the TiCats. This notion that the LDC is about celebrating the working class chip on Hamilton's shoulder doesn't sell seasons tickets.

I'm with JFL on this one. Big joke. What a nerve Braley has. Even from an attendance perspective, their highest attendance this year is lower than our lowest. We sell out LD there is no reason to change the tradition. If we alternate LD then everyone else better alternate it too. No special treatment for the blue team

They couldnt even make the schedule work to even play Hamilton this year...and they want to HOST??

Get used to it people. In case you haven't noticed, Braley almost always gets his way in this league. I haven't seen any credible arguments against alternating the game each year. As Braley suggests, there is the potential to draw 40,000+ at Rogers. Why would the league want to restrict a big draw like this to a puny 22,500 seat stadium every year?

No thank you, Senator.