Argos vs Winnipeg

Toronto wins big at BMO - 38-11 something

i wish, we dont exactly play exciting football and it feels as though we get the most help from the refs out of any other team.

Perfect night for football with 35C in Toronto - - 41C with the humidex - - and a nice breeze.

Peggy should be ripe for the pickin' - all with O'SmellingSalts riding on the big high of 2 straight wins and starting to threaten a career .340 winning percentage.

Big questions:

  1. Can Mutt Nichols stay as Matt and not revert to Mutt form?
  2. Is Andrew Harris really finished as anything more than a serviceable back?
  3. Can the bomber hobo-d strike fear into Loogin?
  4. How many more games can Scott Milo afford to toss away before Jim Barker's gaze starts to focus upon him?
  5. Bomber o-line without Hardrick? Big ????

Whoot-Whoot - - all aboard the Argo Attendance Excuse Train. Here's a few of the best ones for tonight...

It's hot outside.

There's a baseball game.

It's Friday.

There's a concert.

It's Winnipeg.

Kilgore has to manage the game since he cannot win it on his own.

Them all is mighty fine excuses!

btw - I'd rather watch the bombers vs argos at BMO than watching an obviously washed up Jose Bautista (20 million per year man) whiffing on 84 mph fastballs and 79 mph slurves. Guy is a human strikeout machine who relies on begging for walks to boost his OBP. Batting about his weight, around .219. Now injured more often than not!

That's a rare and brave assessment on one's own team. Bravo. :slight_smile:

I hadn't really considered it. Well, sort of. I do recall a couple of 'iffy' calls went against BC earlier this year when they played the Argos at home (the gang tackle sack on Ray that ended being roughing the passer springs to mind). Make no mistake. That's not the reason they lost, by any means; the Argos were the better team that night. But I had wondered at the time if (even subconsciously?) they wanted the Argos to do well due to their importance to the league, the move to BMO, regaining credibility in that market etc.

I don't think that's the case, but it did go through my mind when I was p*ssed off, lol.

FYI - Lyle - nobody will be watching Bautista tonight - he's back on the DL with a bum knee.

I will be a remote control fiend tonight between Olympic stuff (watching the France - Canada Women's soccer game now), the Argos and the Jays. Here's hoping enough entertaining stuff happens at BMO to keep me wanting to be checking in on that game a fair bit.

It looks like any of the string of thunderstorms rolling through Southwestern Ontario right now will stay south of Toronto - so other than the ridiculous sauna-like heat, no other weather issues for the game.

I'll be 45% on the Canada/France soccer game, 45% on the Bomber game and only 10% peeking in at the Jays game, no matter how many duffs are in the stands!

Yeah, if one was a reptile....

That's a rare and brave admission of your own too,ryhmes. Bravo

I hardly ever care about the penalties anymore. We know there will be penalties. I figure if the team is good enough, the penalties shouldn't really affect them.

Kilgore's not much, but he's far better than a no-talent scrub like Matt Nichols.

Toronto defence is also light years ahead of the Bombers.

TSN dropping the Twin Chaos broadcast team of Black-Forde on the population tonite. Kinda like a stinky bomb.

Even gave Black & DF a few minutes in the pre-game - I suspect in order to keep Milt & Jocstrap fresh as they're still running a man short on the panel. Whats happened to Schultzie?

Schultzie lost his father a few weeks ago. His mind may not be in the game.

A very objective observation :roll:

Canada just toppled higher-ranked France 1-0 in 93", great goal by the canucks.

Now on to play #2 ranked Germany who will be trying to avenge earlier loss to Canada.


Where the Hell are all the fans ? the place looks empty watching on TV. I guess everybody is underneath quaffing back beers and stuffing themselves with hot dogs. I'm guessing that attendance is somewhere around 16-17 k but I'm hoping I'm wrong and the crowd will fill out a bit better as the game goes along.

Anyone there? What's the attendance look like?

Edit : From what I can see, not too good. :thdn: