ARGOS Vs. WINNIPEG at our home!

WINNIPEG , lost to B.C. , so the ARGOS will have PLAY-OFF home field advantage next Sunday Nov. 5 , at the R.C. :thup:

The ARGOS finished in second place in the East to MONTREAL. BOOOOOOO! :thdn:

38,000+ plus :thup: saw the ARGOS lose to MONTREAL at home. :thdn:

A season high crowd :thup:

Remember that in 2004 the ARGOS finished in second place in the East. They then beat MONTREAL at the big 0 in the EAST FINAL in front of 50,000+ in MONTREAL. :thup:

But we have to get there first by beating WINNIPEG. :thup:

Winnipeg are pretty banged up so , we should win , but get your tickets soon as the R.C. should be rocking like the final regular season game today :rockin:

Cover Bruce, sack the old man... Bombers win Argos whine what else is new!

Cover Bruce ha! Montreal barely won but couldn't stop this guy. Even when he is covered he has a better chance and usually will pull down a pass than anyone on this team. You hear me RJ?