Argos vs Stamps

If the adage that games are won and lost in the trenches is true, I'm not liking Toronto's chances against Calgary on Saturday. Stamps DLine is nothing spectacular, but the All-Canadian OLine in Toronto is brutal. Even with Jon St. Pierre in as a sixth OLineman last week, Ricky Ray never had time in the pocket. Wayne Smith couldn't cut it in Hamilton - - now he's been given the LT job. And Jeff Keeping was a back up G/TE until he suddenly became the starting C this year. Keeping was manhandled last week against Edmonton - - watch what happens on the interior this week.

No idea what's going on with Toronto's DLine, but the personnel decisions last week were mind boggling. Chris Jones has decided he wants to alternate Ricky Foley and EJ Kuale at rush end. Putting your best NI on the bench when the Canadian OLine is a disaster? Absolutely senseless. Foley's a pure pass rusher who's at his best getting after the QB, but Toronto has him dropping into coverage - - no wonder they can't generate any QB pressure. The other problem with this scheme is that Kuale's a natural MLB who's strength is flowing to the ball to make tackles. Kuale has no pass rush technique - - when he tried to attack the OT he was engulfed, so he ended up just standing still at the line of scrimmage and then chasing after the play after it developed. Watch what happens this week when Kuale lines up at DE.

Special teams was a complete destruction for Toronto last week. Missed FG from 20yds...missed FG from 30yds...illegal shanked kick out of bounds...too many men on the field penalty. I haven't heard if Noel Prefontaine had any 9:30am tee off times this week, but the weather in Toronto has been beautiful so I have to wonder if he's spent more time practicing his golf game or making FGs from inside 30yds.

Is Toronto going to keep misusing Cory Boyd? Last week he only had 8 carries for 48yds - - but he had 10 receptions for a grand total of 9yds. A boring run game isn't nearly as exciting as a cutting edge passing attack but which is better - - averaging 6yds per rush or averaging less than 1yd per reception? I realize the OLine is bad, but run blocking is easier than pass blocking and Boyd does a great job getting yards after contact. If they limit him to less than 10 carries again this week, I'd project a Toronto loss - - followed by a Twitter blast from Boyd.

Calgary - 22
Toronto -27

so you are saying that owens is going to return at least 2 all the way?

Ricky Ray plays well in domes - Argos should play better, I say,

got your fingers crossed while you say that :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple years back when Edmonton's OLine was terrible, Ricky Ray had his worst season as a pro. Ray's strength is his downfield accuracy and if he's not getting time in the pocket, he's going to struggle with dinkified little dump off passes that go nowhere. Doesn't matter if it's a dome or on a beach - - the OLine is going to determine how well he plays.

I agree. Ray likes the underneath passes at the best of times, never mind when he is getting pressure. If the Argo line steps up it will be a great game, otherwise Stamps by 2 majors+

19-38 Stamps

Are there any QBs for whom that is NOT the case?

If his ass is on the ground all game I dont care how good he is in a dome.

you are ridiculously negative all the time

rr thre 21-31 for 300 yards against edmonton with that "terrible o line" that you keep talking about
get over it

Compare the stationary pocket passer style of Ricky Ray and Calvillo to the mobile throw-on-the-run style of Lulay and Durant. Which type is going to have more success behind a weak OLine?

LaMarcus Koker gets his first start, thus will cut down on the work load for Cornish; I believe the Argo's D-Line will not allow huge gapped holes that was evident [at McMahon] last week vs Hamilton. On that note as for Ray seeing turf due to sacks; who knows, perhaps Tate will be under more pressure leading to one pick 6...ect.

Even the throw-on-the-run style is not effective if the o-line is questionable. See Durant-2011

What game were you watching? Ray was under constant pressure. Are you happy with 15 points in a losing effort? I'm not. Are you happy Toronto hasn't had a winning record in the past four years? I'm not. So why do you keep waving your pom-poms thinking everything is wonderful in Argo-land?

In fairness, this season the Argos made some big Ray. If nothing else they have recognized that a stellar D alone is rarely enough to win the GC in the CFL. Also, putting forth a better O will appeal to a wider group of CFL fans, and likely put more people in the seats.

The ARGOS could have won that game in , EDMONTON.

2 / T.D.s that didn’t count because of various reasons and too many flags. Fix the flags and the ARGOS should be fine. Calgary , will be a tough test for the ARGOS , at home. It should be a great game. Good luck to both teams. :thup:

GEZZZ… I never realized that Area_51 , even liked CFL football. :lol: :roll:

Can you give me an example of a mobile QB who succeeded in playing well and winning despite a weak o-line? Maybe it has happened but I can't think of any. Lulay certainly did/does not have a weak o-line. Sask certainly didn't in the two years when Durant had his greatest success.

Some people are blaming 1 loss at the beginning of the season on the O-LINE when in fact there are many reasons that the ARGOS beat themselves in their lost to , EDMONTON. :roll:

With all of the blow outs by Western teams Vs Eastern teams in week 1 , the ARGOS allowed the fewest points against in their loss. :thup:

The Argos should have won that game but it took the WHOLE team to lose it. :wink: :thdn:

A dropped pass in the end zone [a receiver]. Missed fields goals [a kicker] and lots of flags. :thdn:
All of those things can be easily corrected given time.

Some people just love to be a downer [not you]. :roll:

The CALGARY Vs. ARGOS game should be a much better test about how both teams stand up , so far. :thup:

first of all it would have been a winning effort if pre hadn't missed a couple chip shots.
second of all Ray performed better than Jyles in throwing and running.
Edmonton got 2 sacks, hardly a disaster.

Seriously asses the situation better before you hit you Panic button.

There was so much turnover on the Argos this year that I don't know how you judge anything after one game. Particularly when with a single ball not being dropped or two kicks being made the game would have been won. That's not a reason to panic.

Fix the penalties, let the guys on offense get their timing down, and see where you are after 4 games. If we're really evaluating after week 1, the Argos are not the basement dwellers in the East.