Argos vs Stampeders

Just a hunch but think the Argos win today....

Excellent start for the Boatmen but Finch recovered well with that return. Should be an excellent affair...

Even though the Argos are winning right now, I predict that the Stamps will come out victorious on the scoreboard.

I have to agree that was PI, not sure why Toronto would waste their challenge on that....

Agree. Stamps come right back.

Great d from the Argos to hold the Stamps to 3 on that drive.

OMG, Finch almost blew his knee out on the grass/art turf seam at the goal line. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can't catch a ghost, Rod has that right. Banks for the Cats needs to take a look at Finch and re-learn returning punts. :wink:

Saw that! Kind of stupid to step right on it though. In baseball the outfielders are able to go from grass to gravel just fine.

But that's ok. This seam at BMO is much more of an issue. ;D

Anyways, this game is OVER, Argos are out of it I'd say after that INT. And now after that turnover by Ray.

Coombs has made a super adjustment though from rb to slot. Jesse Lumsden, remember him, may still be playing if he had done this.

Fumble by Messam, Argos needed that.

Ouch, Argos D looked horrible there but it's Calgary, best team in the league and will make the Argos look almost as bad tonight as they did to the Cats last week.

My wife and I made the long drive from London to watch this brutal game. Stamps return for a TD, there was holding right in front of the ref who refused to throw the flag.

There's a certain amount of holding on every play though, any league.

dg, cheer for Calgary, then the game turns from brutal to "wow, look at the team I'm cheering for to win!" 8) I was doing that last week watching the Stamps destroy the Cats. ::slight_smile:

I just saw the replay up on instagram. Calgary #84 grabs, holds and swings the Argo defender by his jersey right in front of the ref…the Argo I’m referencing was the first down field and this is the reason calgary’s returner was free to run. These refs are brutal. I’m not talking about a hold away from the play that had no effect on the outcome of the play…this was the play!

I don't think Rod or Duane saw it though so I have to doubt what you are claiming. :wink:

CFL posted the replay on instagram.

Calgary 84 on Argo 85

Have to go to my other computer to view that.

Another major for the Stamps, this team is on a roll.


Had to try this new feature. Works on signatures also! This might get annoying though must admit. :slight_smile:

You could even see the Stump player look at the ref knowing that he had cheated on the play...

The ref is 2 feet from the hold. Inexcusable!

I can say this with 100% certainty:
This is the LAST CFL game I EVER attend. This after 12 years. I give up.

Aw that’s too bad. You still going to post around here though? ;D

You just need to cheer for a better team. You and me both though about cheering for a better team. The Argos are a step up from the lowly Cats I’d say. :-*

You should stick with the Blue Jays for your Toronto entertainment team this summer. BTW, they are in last place in their division, but at least you’ll be with the trendy young people and feel like you’re in with the ‘in’ crowd. ;D

Or TFC if you’re a soccer fan although I can’t comment about soccer must admit. One day I’m going to watch a full game on TV. One day I think. :wink:

Ok, have to get up early tomorrow, going to bed to read my book. This one is done like dinner.

Scoring plays are reviewed. He shouldn't have needed to challenge that.

I wonder how much whining a certain Argo fan is going to do about the Stumps running up the score or is that disdain only for a certain other team?

ftr - I'm not saying they ran up the score..........just to be clear

Actually, Calgary called a timeout when they were 2nd and 2 with two seconds on the play clock. They were up by 21. The Argos had just settled for a field goal, largely because of a time count violation.

This isn't little leagues... I would find more embarrassing if a team goes easy on mine out of pity. Step up and play and quit acting like whiney little babies. This is football.