ARGOS Vs. SASK : Wendy's KICK for 1 million!

The ARGOS's next game is at the DOME Vs. SASK. where the ARGOS can clinch the EAST DIVISION :thup:

ALSO , at half time you can see WENDY's KICK for 1 MILLION. :thup:

GET YOU TICKETS : Only 2 regular season games left at the DOME for the ARGOS. :thup:

And don't forget the ARGOS' GREY CUP 2007 , 24 hour only ticket sale OCT. 19th starting at 4pm.

Hey there hellothere, are you drunk all the time or did mommy leave the computer on while she went to score? I mean Pinball's a sweetheart and all, but be honest the dudblu are in tough every game from now on.they will not beat the Als this week, and the next week against Winnipeg will show their true colours. Have a nice offseason!