Argos vs Roughriders

Sunny skies Saturday for the game in Regina with -5 to -13 celcius temperatures - Go Riders Go!

Must we start so early? Bad enough I'll suffer through another Argo disaster do we have to start the chat 2 days before the beat down? :wink:

I hope that that is prophetic and it comes to pass. To be honest I am quite apprehensive about this one. I hope it is a but kicking but I just don't see that happening

That’s O.K. Billy_Soup to be [Quite/and or perhaps a touch more than a little appprehensive] as it will pass. I have full confidence the Riders will get their ninth victory.
Edit: The Riders Defence has the upper hand…Skookum.

Here's hoping for a Rider win and a Edmonton loss. That way we will know where we will be playing going in to the final game of the season. We would hopefully rest some players in that game.

I will watch the first quarter FOR SURE :slight_smile:

we just have to do our part… the Als will take care of the other half. :rockin:

In all honesty I doubt it'll be a blow out, but I don't see the Argos winning.

green jerseys and white hats?
Thats a new look

What on Earth possessed them to wear their white helmets? Are they trying to lose on purpose?

Look at all the empty seats in the end zone. Rider fans should be ashumed of themselves. So much for best fans in the league!! guess they don't want to watch the Big argo win

Pretty funny seeing that comment coming from an Argos fan! :roll:


I know, but its all I got right now

Getzlaf with a short arm attempt to bring in the pass. Can't be afraid if you want to be a pro receiver.

Nice, Durie for six!

Getz has been doing that all year. Hey, at least he ran the right pattern.

If I call MySask 411, will they tell me why the Riders suck?

I can tell you, that if this game was played in T.O, the end zone seats would be filled. The other seats would be empty, but not the end zone. Big Argo Win today coming

WTF Ball - - does this guy not have any discipline? Can't believe he can take so many stupid penalties with zero repercussion from his coaching friends.

LOL -- don't be such a "Ball"-buster! :lol: :lol: