Argos vs Riders

How the Roughriders respond on the field, wait and see in 4hrs. or so…ect.

I'll be having a lot more fun if the Riders beat the A#$%)s. :smiley:

I won’t be. 8)

Go Riders!

Riders have a must win game here after being brought down to mortal status last week.

Good to see Kackert back......please return to form next week. thanks.

UH-OH 7-0 TO

8-0 TO

I understand why the PI call but it certainly looked debatable.

Skookum...fumble, Rider Football
Chain of events going on

2nd and 25 and you dump it off 3 yards??

Is Bellefuille running the rider offense too??

Riders looking like they're from the 'Peg. Only life is a few members of the D.

The games are too late today. Lethargic. Bad scheduling on the leagues part.

Oh no......ball sails of Scmidt's head........Oh yes...big sack........Oh no FG toronto

WHERE ARE MY MEDS????? This is going to be a rough game.

Rider running game - is shutdown. Hope Sheets is O.K. for the most part. 11-0 Argos lead

The Riders are looking awful.. WTF happened??


Without Sheets it may be goodnight for the Riders.

(It's nasty being short-sheeted.)

:lol: :thup:

Riders on the board FG....interesting. 11-3 Argos

First Picard now Van Zeyl. Refs have their eyes on the dirt bags... :thup: