Argos vs Ottawa

Anyway you look at it, this game is a lose,lose situation from a Ti-Cat perspective even though they aren't even playing tonight. If the RB's win then they jump over the Cats into 1rst place in the East(albeit with both the Cats and Argos having a game in hand). If the Argos end up winning this game then the East suddenly has a 3 way tie for 1rst place. One thing is certain is that the final games of this season are going to make for one helluva race in the East to see who winds up 1rst,2nd and 3rd. The only 100% certainty is that the Alouettes are destined for 4th place this season in the East and their only hope (a fading hope at that) for a playoff spot is as an East crossover heading West. All in all it adds up to what should be a very interesting match-up in tonight's game. As strange as it seems even though an Ottawa victory will catapult them into 1rst over the Cats I'll be cheering for and hoping for an RB victory tonight over those Argos. I still think that it will come down to the home and home between Ott and Ham at the end of the season that will ultimately decide who finishes 1rst and who finishes 2nd this season in the East.

A co-worker tells me that Jeff Hunt, during a radio interview, said he has received praise from other team officials for being able to get 12,000 or so into TD place under short notice and on such a lousy night to have it. So maybe I'm viewing this from the wrong angle.

It's pretty bleak out there right now, but warm, at least, so hopefully a good number of folks decide to make it a last minute thing.

Yes, I heard part of the interview. You just have to look at the extra game that Edmonton had in Ft MacMurray against the Argos, they were expecting a lot of Esks fans to drive up from Edmonton but there were barely 4k in the stands.
I don't think a last minute Argo/Ticat game would sell either unless the extra game was a playoff game.
Hunt said they sold around 12k as of Sunday so I assume they sold more yesterday and today and hopefully a walk up will give them around 15k.

Something I tend to forget is that the season ticket count includes the 3-pack buyers (divided by 3). I wouldn't count on those people to show up. They probably chose those games with a specific strategy in mind, whether it's because they're only able to attend games on certain nights, wanted to see a specific team, whatever.

So maybe it turns out that the bulk of "real" season ticket holders are actually going, and a few people who couldn't get in before, perhaps a few Argos, etc. That's really all you could ask for.

Yea, but an Argo win today puts them into 2nd place where they should be.

Short of a collapse of epic proportions the Argos are going to the post season. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to see it though. :cowboy: However, I'm not betting on it. :cry:

Been "stuck" in NOLA but never Shreveport. Tonight I am "stuck" in Vegas and will be until Thursday so I am trying to find a Sports Lounge that has WI FI so I can watch tonights CFL game on my laptop while I watch the MLB Wild Card game on the Lounge TV. Since I know I will have people watching what I have on the laptop who should I tell them is favored, the Argos or Ottawa?
Enjoy the game tonight!

Argos (-1)

CFL Pick 'Em and the CFL writers are giving the REDBLACKS the slight advantage (54% Ott. 46% Tor/ 4 - Ott.; 3 - Tor for the writers)

Appreciate the info. We are in a small lounge near Nellis AFB, my "hosts" for the night are 2 members of the USAF Thunderbirds support crew and they have never watched a CFL game before.

So if this is technically a "road game" for the OTTRBs, then why are they wearing their black "home" uniforms??? :?

I'd have thought the RB's would be in their white uniforms and Toronto in their blues since since it's a Toronto "home" game?

Lol beat me to it

Argos don't want anything to do with a personal jinx, wear white it's a beautiful sight :smiley:
REDBLACKS score early with TD - 7-0 Ottawa

That was way too easy, it looks like the Argos played a few days ago instead of the 10 days between games.

TD Argos on their opening drive. 7-7.

Argos answer back quickly with TD of their own - Tied at 7 each :rockin:

Good way to respond by the offense, could be a shootout.

Could be a shootout tonight if the opening drives of both teams showed us anything

Penalty, nice run by Owens comes back for holding