Argos vs Ottawa

Man, How I wish the Argos get it done by 8 points.

Why by eight points?

Toronto needs to play Ottawa tough, you know they do have Smiling Hank :slight_smile:

It's going to be different tomorrow night at the game for sure as they have only sold about 11,000 tickets
might get a few more walk up but it wont be same TD Place - mind you I expect the 11,000 are the loud ones :thup:

No argument on that, but I don't understand why eight points specifically. (?)

I'd be happy with an Argonauts win by whatever number of points it takes.

Not that complicated. Betting a friend per say and you spot him 7.5 points thus I need Toronto to win by 8 pts. :thup:

I'm disappointed in this. I know that the whole thing came more or less as a surprise, it's a lousy night for a game, etc, but I was hoping for a much better number, especially in light of how the tickets are costing 30-40% less.

Jeff Hunt has said that they sometimes have to fight the perception that they're "always" sold out so people don't even make the attempt to get in sometimes, but surely that doesn't apply here.

In the past Ottawa was a walk up crowd. Let's see if times have changed in that regard.

Perfect, Argos simulate a real home game.

Yes, that comment hurts me. Come on 2016.

Just of of curiosity, how did the Eskimos sell when the Las Vegas Posse moved their home game to Commonwealth in the mid 90’s?

No doubt those Argo fans will flock to the Capital City and buy up the rest of those tickets. 8)

It is a bit of a disappointment, it's not like this is the Argos/Redblacks from last year. They are battling for first place and the last Argo/Ottawa game a couple of weeks ago was sold out weeks in advance. I expect a few more sales today and tomorrow and hopefully a big walk up crowd. But it's still a bonus game and the crowd will be bigger than if it was held at THF in Hamilton.

Maybe it's a combination of having played this very team quite recently AND having lost to them. People not wanting to bother with a possible "rerun".

I do think you're right though that it'll be the loud ones that show up, the true die-hards. Not those that just go to chat around the tables in the concourse (not that there's anything wrong with that, your money's worth the same value).

So we need to be loud enough for two. If, by the end of the night, I'm not coughing blood, I haven't done my duty. 8)

Let's all keep in mind that with this addition, RB are playing four home games in a three-week span. That's a lot of ticket inventory for any market to absorb.

That game played at Commonwealth in 1994, the attendance was 14,228 vs Edmonton - 51-10 Eskimos final
** The bad part about that was a group of Eskie fans flew down to Las Vegas only to find out the game was moved back home in Edmonton. The group never was told about the move until they arrived in LV - Last moment decision by the league to move the game to be played at Commonwealth. Huge let down for those fans.

Oh, I know. I just recall all the people who would say they "can't wait" for football, and how it was taking forever to finally have a team again and so on. Now we get a completely fluke extra home game and suddenly it's "too much football".

But...I don't have kids and I don't have ongoing evening commitments. For me, a Tuesday game is no much different than a Thursday game but that's not the case for many people, no doubt.

Forecast last week was showing rain, too. It's cleared up now, but people might think it'll be a miserable night. Maybe it it's nice throughout the day, walk up WILL be pretty good. Who knows?

Brutal, but at least you're "stuck" in Vegas. :rockin:

Could have been stuck in Shreveport. :twisted:

All 10 of us?
We can't afford to buy ALL of the remaining tickets. :wink:

I actually thought Toronto was pretty well represented at TD Place last game. :thup:

It's always tough for one team to win back to back games but in the Argos case it's unheard of as both games are in the same stadium.
On top of which Henry is playing lights out.
The only possible saving grace is the RB having to play 3 games in what 10 days.

Ottawa has yet to beat a +500 team, they are coming off a short week, Argo are coming off the bye and their road record is better than it looks (Ft Mac was essentially a road game making them 5-4 on the road) and Toronto are one of the two teams to beat them at home.

I would love to see the Argos tank and miss the playoffs, or at least have to crossover, but everything is tilting Toronto's way for this game.