Argos vs Lions

Start the thread now, shotgun Rick Ray gets his day to shine on.

Should be a fun game to watch, with Ray's return and Jennings showing promise. As a REDBLACK fan, I'm hoping for another Lions win!

Unless in the very unlikely chance they meet in the CG...this will be the last Braley Bowl

Do the Argos get to play their final two home games at home?

Yes, at Rogers. I think the Lions will put a pasting to them. Which will make the Edmonton game a die or stay alive for another week game.

Good point; I had almost forgotten that Braley still owns the Argos.

Do you suppose he still remembers? :lol:

Weird situation. If the Lions win it takes away a potential home playoff game for Braley (Argos) and if the Argos win it could punt the Lions out of the post season albeit an away game that brings nothing to Braley. :slight_smile:

Argos playing a home game at home.

Fans and cheerleaders will be thrilled. LOL

Argos players, looking fwd to 2016 BMO for sure.

Anyway, I am picking the Lions for the road win.

I see Jennings ripping the Argos D.

Hey, who knows, maybe he'll try to Kevin Glenn the league and buy the Bombers. :wink:

Ricky Ray will slice the Lions apart on defence. A. Harris will be kept in check. And, the promising Jennings will make some crucial mistakes. Lions rookie coach will be indecisive and cost his team. Argos in a romp.
You heard it here first. :rockin: :cowboy:

One can only hope that there will be aa day very soon where no teams are owned by Braley… The guy has literally destroyed half of his fan base since the death of Ackles.The Argos went from an already pathetic season ticket base down to about 2k

Oh no! :cry: :cry: :cry:

On a positive note, old man Braley still owns the Lions... :x

Cheer up B . My sources tell me that Braley is getting board with owning CFL teams.

Is interested in politics and made many contributions to the Justin Liberals.

He is about to be appointed as Minister of Sports.

It will announced after Grey Cup weekend.

It is all hush hush now because David Braley does not want it to be a distraction for either team or the fans he holds so dear to his heart.

Well played brihind. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sorry but it's " Ricky Freaking Ray" get it right. :cowboy: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

You Crazy Diamond :thup:

I thought Trudeau was supposed to name his cabinet on Nov. 4 so can it really wait until after the Grey Cup?

But yes, if his heart is no longer in the ownership side of things - it clearly shows. Still wants 40 mil for the Lions to my knowledge so fast will this move?

Just happy to actually be able to go to our 4th regular season Home Game (in Week 19) tomorrow night!

Hopefully Ray isn't to rusty.

I'ld be more worried about the rest of the team. Harris played poorly the last 2 weeks but he can't be given all the blame for those losses. Scoring no points against the Als you might make a case that that game is on the offence but where were the recievers? The o-line? The running game? Lot of blame to go around.

A solid game from Ray will help but if the Argos don't address the rest of their problems from the last 2 games they won't win this one thier regardless of who's under centre.

And hopefully a few fans will decide to show up to watch and see if Ray is rusty. I'm just curious but does anybody have a handle on how tickets sales and attendance are looking for tomorrow's game ? T-Pat ya better get on this right away, inquiring minds want to know. Hopefully it won't be that bad but I'm guessing anywhere from perhaps 10,000 to maybe 15,000 tops.