Argos vs Lions

It's a blow; 30-9 Toronto

Just a matter of time before this team unloaded on someone. What a difference No. 2 makes.

Gotta give total credit to the Argos for this victory after the Calgary meltdown, very impressive. That running game for the Argos was solid and their d came up when they needed to. And aggressive coaching by Milanovich. Owens back didn't hurt either.

40-23 final - congrats Toronto

Weird, but I actually find this Argo win to be a bit of a relief. Was starting to wonder if the league was ever going to get back to “normal.” But now, with the Ti-Cats starting to roll, maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Als are gaining speed too (maybe) and are the Red/Blacks REALLY that far off the mark? Well, okay, maybe getting carried away here :smiley:

True enough Kenny.


Tragic loss by the Lions. Empty stands as home losses mount. Cannot be good for the league. Head Coach looks like he has deer in headlights syndrome when coaching or non-coaching is perhaps more accurate.
All that talent but not a synchronized game plan. The pieces are there but are never put in order or together.
Sad situation for the Lions. On paper one of the best teams in the league no doubt.
What the home fans are seeing is disgraceful.
And, in a hosting the Grey Cup Year.
Wow! Problems galore on the West, wet coast. :oops:

Did you really mean to say that?
Riders couldn't even manage a major against us!! :rockin:

Dont forget that half the tickets are free because of Skulsky.Another moron like Braley.
Brayley should of sold this team before they moved into the renovated stadium... It could of been a fresh start.. There would of benn 54000 the first couple of seasons and the crowds would still be over 45.. If the Lions were still in the old dome, their would be 14k again...Braley is a generous pick headed stubborn man.. He has saved and destroyed the Bc Lions, and now it appears he has done the same to the Argos... BOBBBY!!!WHY DID YOU HAVE TO DIE!!

And life goes on. :wink:

I think only in Canada do we hang owners of sports teams out to dry, even in cases like Braley who is basically a saint compared with that Clippers owner. Canadians dwell on anything negative while Americans tend to move on and just get the job done. And don't look for excuses to complain about things. One thing I generally don't like about the Canadian psyche, speaking in general terms only of course.

Hopefully Canadians won't be so wishy washy if ISIS beheads a Canadian especially here on Canadian soil.

Those Argos still have a ton of fire power on offense. Could be peaking a little too soon though.

I don't think they are anywhere from peak yet. Their young defense is just coming into form and their offense is just getting healthy. They have a soft schedule till the end of the season. Expect them to run away with the East.

As a Hamilton fan I'm kind of pissed at the Argos remaining schedule. I know it all balances out in the end but I just don't think it is fair that any team coming down the stretch should have a bye week and then four in a row at home and five of their final six games at home. I find it particularly ridiculous considering they were not one of the two teams in the east who intentionally had road games and byes scheduled the first 3-4 weeks because of stadium issues.

If I was one of the other teams in the East - there is no way I would have allowed one of my conference rivals have a schedule like that through the last few weeks of the season. Too many critical games are played down the stretch with playoff implications etc. for one team to have five of six of them at home.

A team's schedule should be as balanced as possible - with never more than two games in a row at home or on the road IMO.

Well Pat, welcome to the CFL, where every year the darling teams get preferential treatment and perks. This sort of scheduling has been favouring the Argos for decades. One more reason I don't cheer for them. It's called Hogtown for a reason.

It really makes the CFL look bush because it is not right from a fair competition perspective.

And from a business perspective it is not a great schedule for the Argos either. To go 47 days in the middle of a season with no home game and then have four home games within 22 days. Good luck with ticket sales. A casual fan is OK with buying tickets once or twice a month - which fits a 'normal' CFL schedule perfectly. Not many casual fans I know of who will go to (and buy tickets for) four games within 22 days.

It is just a bad schedule no matter which way you look at it.

Have to agree with most of what you say Turkeybend2. The Lions smartly marched the ball in the opening sequence only to have Glenn picked off on the Argos 6. That was the time wheels seemed to fall off. If the Lions hadn't been intercepted it would have normally been a sure field goal 3 at the very least. But alas given the lousy way McCallum was kicking I cannot even say that now in retrospect.

I said it before and I'll say it again, when Glenn is on his game he's brilliant. When he's off then we see results like last night. Glenn was throwing behind his receivers or throwing into blanket coverage. His interception on his opening drive was behind the receiver. In front of the receiver and it was a sure TD.

The Lions have lots of talent but then so do most of the CFL teams. Maybe some of our players are over-rated or it just comes down to execution. I don't know. Personally, I think we've got a whole lot of good players so for me there is little excuse for what happened last night.

I don't know what it is about playing the Argos. Sometimes it is like watching paint dry. However, last night if you were an Argo fan you were well rewarded.

The Argos not only did the mauling last night but they broke an 11 game losing streak in B.C. Place. The last time the Argos won was in 2002!

Was I disappointed last night? Terribly. Not just because the Lions lost. It was the way they lost and also the team the Lions lost to. The Argos were going into last night's game with only 3 wins in 11 games. The Argos came into B.C. Place and dished out some good old fashioned whoop a** racking up 40 points. Lions are a better team than the Argos but you would not know it based on last night's performance.

I was disappointed and surprised with how the Argos outplayed the Lions. The Argos are fully deserving of the win. The Lions loss was not for lack of the Lions not trying last night. They were just simply outplayed and out hustled.

I said it at the beginning of the season. I think the Lions will be hard pressed to finish in the top 3 in the West. In fact given the way Toronto and Hamilton are coming on all the Als have to is put a string of wins together and the West might just have to forget about any cross-over hopes.

You gotta love the CFL.

By the way Turkeybend…. Why do you refer to the West coast as the "wet" coast? We can get a fair bit of rain here in Vancouver's lower mainland but we have some wonderful warm and dry days that can go on for weeks at a time. So beautiful it kind of makes you forget about those wet days that by the way are great for the flowers and the grass.

Even our winters are fairly mild with nippy but nice sunny days. :thup:

Yea I meant to say that, Argos/Cats will face each other fairly soon. Cheers

Which is why we all hate you... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

You guys are ridiculous.
I didn't hear any whining from you when the Argos were on the road for several weeks in a row, and with no bye weeks while several key players were injured. Ever think that contributed to their poor record so far?

Just because Hamilton, with it's supposedly more balanced home/away schedule was unable to distance themselves from the Argonauts during this period, don't blame the league and the oh-so-massive Argonaut power base.

Pass the cheese.


Does anyone seriously believe the Argos WANTED a schedule with two home games in 11 weeks? That they WANTED a schedule that forces them to sell tickets to games for four weekends in a row, and five out of six?

If you had been paying attention the past few years you would know that their insane home schedule is forced on them because they have third -- not second, but third --priority in the Rogers Centre. This year and last year they were apparently offered 11 or 12 dates -- total -- in which to schedule nine home games. And so we end up with half of their home games after the baseball season has ended. Anyone suggesting this is a conspiracy to give the Argos an advantage is wilfully ignorant of the realities the organization faces as a third-string tenant in their building.