Argos vs Lions

Just heading out the door to take the train to the Dome , I"ll be stoping to have a couple of wobbly pops along the way. :thup: here's hoping for a good game . I really don't care who wins maybe slightly leaning towards the Argos . Hope everyone enjoys themselves . Bringing my Eskimos RR jersey to see if I can get him to sign it . Party on everyone :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Great to see Chad Owens back........he looks fired up.

Picking the Argos to take this one. Ricky Ray deserves this one after last week's debacle.

53 yard FG by Swayze Waters........starting to see some 50 plus FG again.

Thought those were a thing of the past.

They were a thing of the past because the returners were so lethal.. However, with scoring down so much, you gotta try to get points whenever you can. Plus returners have really not done much since Chris Williams,and Dominic Dorsey left and Chad Owens got old overnight too.

Ridiculous penalties again... Someone should lose their job for that too many men in the huddle penalty... Totally killed a TD and then forced a ridiculous pass by Glenn...Jordan Williams should be benched for the rest of this game and cut after the game... I'm so sick of watching crap football

Lions have more penalty yards then offensive yards." This league becomes more of a joke every week.

Get off the skook talk and watch the game.....18-1 Argos

then stop watching MrJoke

We'll I almost took your advise... then the game got better...

I like this game - tempo is strobe, strobe.....18-8 Toronto

I probably sound like a broken record. I get excited to watch a game and then see more penalty yards then offence and get frustrated... Then you see a guy just about decapite someone and then try to take the Qb out on the very next play, and it leaves you wondering what the hell is going on... Anyways, this game has picked up considerably, and as long as the stupid penalties stay out of the equation, then it should be a gooder.

Two FG's in a row missed by Paul to left by inches - unlike him.

:thup: no worries Mr.Bungle

Never thought the Argos would be leading 21-9 at the half....last week slipped away to my surprise. This game, Lions are in trouble.

Another great first half.
What a difference Owens makes, Ricky looks good again and I am again impressed with Brazill, just like last week except the fumbles.
The D looks good so far.

Oh baby, it is SO GOOD to see Chad Owens walk that one off after all the stars that are out of commission this year.

A notch up on Hamilton's D I figure...that will be proven soon however :rockin:

First down Toronto on the play play off a run - TD Argos now lead 28-9

OOps. Major fouls are really starting to kill the Lions.

Don't see Solomon E. blown out like that too often. Missed a tackle earlier in the game too. Must be two moons tonight.