Argos vs. Lions

Wow, Argos got a first down!

At least you can watch it.

I"m in Toronto and all TSN has here is golf. . . yeeeecccchhhhhhh

Where are you seeing that? Im watching Golf

golf is on here as well, really starting to irritate me.

Tiger is on 17 as soon as he is done, they will switch to the football game

I'm at work listening on the Fan590

nice job Payton

Maybe Andrus coaches classic Yankee style drop back passing better than a Canadian style roll out guy like Joseph?

With the Lions start, golf was looking good and I hate golf

Oh dear. Those dropped easy ones are gonna kill the Argos.

I just got in and turned on the game. I was surprised to see that not only has Toronto scored points this week, but they're actually leading. What's that about. :lol:

Still no TD, in how long?

Who? Toronto?
They scored a TD

Wow.. BC is hurting.... they are NOT the team they used to be.. quite embarrassing I think

WTH!!!! Was JJ playing that bad.

I don't like this move.

Buck Pierce is injured AGAIN? Good God, man. B.C. needs to find a real starting QB and quick. Buck Pierce can't play a full season, and Jarius Jackson is better off the bench.

The Riders have 3 starters, none of which havce seen a down of CFL

From the looks of it, the refs are using the 6-man referee system. Usually there are 7. Did one of the officials go down with an injury, forcing the stripes to revert to the 6-man system?

(Or maybe I am blind. :slight_smile: )

Who's this Lulay kid? He took a pretty nasty hit there. I thought he was going to be find, but now he's done by the sidelines. Hope he wasn't shook up too badly. He actually looks kind of good.

Yes one went down!