Argos Vs Lions - NOT PLAY BY PLAY

I just wanted to start a thread for your opinions on the game. It’ll be easier to read here than on the play by play thread by HT. It’s great that he does the play by play but it’s annoying when people reply on it and I have to scroll thru the plays.

I got my tickets in section 13, can’t wait to watch the Lions paste blue all over the new turf.

I look for Warren to have 100+ rushing yards, and hopefully a stronger O-Line

The Argos can’t expect to make it past the Lions if they wait until there’s 38 seconds left. They have to come out big if they want to stand a chance.

The way I see it, the Lions are too powerful for anyone to handle. I don’t expect them to win all 18 games, but I do think they should end the season with the league’s best record.

I expect them to stumble to a team like Winnipeg, which they wouldn’t take seriously enough. Just like they struggled against the league-low Stampeders last year.

Teams like Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto will be given run for their money by the Lions.

Argos lose again to Lions this season. This game shouldn’t have been close. If not for a couple of screw ups by the Lions, Argos weren’t even in this game. Lions D is improving. Just think, the Lions haven’t even gelled as a team yet so watch out when they do. The crowd was awesome tonight at the end of the game

Argos are a bunch of sore losers and had to take a number of cheap shots at the end of the game. Lions are showing how flukey the Argos were in the Grey Cup.

Lionbacker… (or anybody else that was at the game tonight)… did you happen to see where the argo returner caught that punt early in the 3rd quarter? the refs awarded a touchback… but from where i was sitting it looked like he caught it on the 2 and then went into the endzone… which would mean that it should have been a safety and the Lions would have had the ball back… instead the refs give it to the argos and they march it down the field for a TD… good drive… moved the ball very well on that drive… but from where i was sitting they shouldn’t have had a drive to score on there…

Also… on that last TD by the Argos… how did the refs NOT call holding on the Argo lineman??.. he had the Lion defender by the jersey and dragged him back to about the 25… the play was from the 9… that was OBVIOUS holding and should have been called…

and one more thing… is it legal to pin a kicker to the field by dropping your knee onto his neck and holding him like that for about 5 seconds?? i didn’t think it was… but a ref was standing right there looking right at it… but no flag.

The Argos were lucky that it was as close at it was… could have… and possibly should have been a 30 - 8 final.

I was on the 10 yard line. he did come out of the endzone, i dont know why it wasnt a safety. Tonights crowd was nuts. That is all 8)

came out?.. or caught it out then ran in??.. once he went into the endzone i didn’t see him come out…

I thought he caught it outside the end zone and ran back in which should have been 2 points. I may have been dreaming this but that is what I thought I saw sitting down that end.

There was also a horrible non-call when O’Shea had his knee on O’Mahony’s throat practically after he missed a FG and he held him down long after the play was dead. It looked funny to see Duncan wriggling around under him though. I am not sure I’d have come to his rescue after this was his second miss and this one nearly cost the Lions big time.

The downside is the Lions took a roughing penalty as one of our guys had to liberate the kicker.

I was listening to the radio post game show , and a number of callers mentioned the Oshea incidentthere also . Perhaps the league should take the refs to task for that one. How can they blow calls like that is beyond me.

I was really confused by the play, he just sat on O’Mahony, with a knee on his neck while Duncan tried to wriggle out, and a referee was standing watching the whole thing, which makes me think it’s legal.

I feel really bad for Pinball, because as classy as that guy is, his team is full of selfish, whiney, classless punks.

Last year the Argos Defense had a little cheer they did every series to mock thier opponents, so at the end of last night’s game, with the game over, the BC Offence performed Toronto’s cheer in the huddle, and lined up. O’Shea said “you can’t do the to the Grey Cup Champions”, and on the snap, as Dickenson took a knee, the entire D-Line rushed in throwing uppercuts and it ended with a helmet swinging incident between O’Shea and Singh.

It just seemed so adolesent and childish.

so thats what that was…i saw them do that and i was kinda wondering where that came from… thanks westcoast :slight_smile:

I noticed the kick returner caught the ball on the 2 yd line and then ran back into the end zone and and the Lions were awarded the single instead of the safety. It was on that following drive that the Argos scored their first Td where as the Argos should have been kicking to the Lions. Oh well, that’s the refs for ya. It was a missed call and it’s to be expected.

I just can’t believe how many cheap shots the refs let the Argos get away with.

i know… and all the excessive holding by the Tor. O-line… i know that holding could probably be called on both teams on every down in any game… but the obvious ones HAVE to be called.

I think there’s been a flipin TO. Last year they were a good group of players, that were the best “TEAM”

This year, they have one of the most talented teams on paper, but are not playing together at all. I think winning last year went to everyones head, cause they are playing like cry-baby prima donnas and cheap shot artists.

The story this year in TO is gonna be wether or not Pinball can smack some sense into his players.

BUT: If you didn’t leave right after this game, you may have noticed after the center field prayer, and most had gone to the dressing room, the entire Argo team met in the center of the field, and sent people to gather everyone who had gone to the dressing room. Every player stood there in a meeting for a while, with no coaches/management.

Maybe they’re waking up?