Argos vs Lions July 23 will speak volumes!

The day of reckoning will soon be at hand. After finishing 4-14 in '08 and even worse at 3-15 last year, the Argos appear to have new life and will be going into Friday's game 2-1.

The team appears to have a keeper on its roster by the name of Lemon. Whenever I hear that name I think of "Lulay Lemon" but that's another story. I also think about Lemonade and visualize lemons on his jersey.

Friday's game I believe will tell us a lot about where the Lions are heading. A loss and their have a 1-3 record. A win and it's 2 and 2. For the Argos, if they win they'll be on top of the east at 3-1.

Either the LIons will be firing on all cylinders this Friday or look out...... bring out the medics, team psychologists and whoever else might be there to help. I'm an advocate of parity in the League for the League's own good which is why I like to see the wins spread around the League. When teams have a dismaI season year after year it conjures up what happened to Ottawa and other CFL franchises.

But for this Friday I am hoping to see the Lions hammer the Argos. A good thrashing of the Argos will not only improve their position in the standings but it will be good for team morale and will hopefully take the monkey off their backs- at least for a week.

Rest assured the Argos will not take the game lying down. They will try to destroy the Lions offensive just like their predecessors did. They are on a winning streak and 3 straight wins will validate the belief that the Argos are no longer septic tank dwellers but actual contenders.

This game will be a chance for the Lions to put to rest the belief that their first win against Edmonton was a fluke. A huge lopsided win in favor of the LIons will speak volumes. A defeat and............

Our defense should get the job done. But can the O Line?

Personally, I view this game as the start of the season for the Lions. I think L:ulay should have started the season; that’s why I suggested that in a Forum topic at the end of pre-season. Travis earned the spot, Casey didn’t; now we’re paying for it. Travis has an incredible attitude, and he so deserves this shot. I’ll go way out on a limb, and predict he will be the next Dave Dickensen of the CFL - just taller, and with more hair.

Have to agree with ya Steve about Lulay. I think he'll be our future QB . But i give the kid more time to develope . Another great gem Wally found.

We are going to get butts kicked. Lulay i a good rookie but we have no offensive line. T.O. will just line up and rush us all game long.1-3 as of Friday! We will probably set a New CFL record For holding calls.Time to start the 'beef' lift in from the NFL cuts.

I agree bc is going to lose by 25 points

Well Dupsdell… nice to see you are back and posting your typical negativity on the forum. Nice… I guess in another month we will have to listen to your dribble about the Canucks on this football forum.

25 points… come on… I think it will be more of an interesting game than the nay sayers are posting. Sure this is Lulay’s first start but he has more experience in the CFL than Lemon. We have had some bad breaks as far as penalties… but both games I have been to, some of those calls were pretty bad … like the pass interference called against BC in the final minutes of the last game… that happened right infront of me and no way should that have been called. As far as the O line well they are doing a better job, I think with Angus back in he is bringing a little more stability and direction talking it up with the other guys on the line. Problem seemed to be Casey was not running the offence very well… don’t know why he did not pull himself out of the game after the injury because it was very evident he was have trouble executing the plays. (have not seen fans booing the QB for a while)

All that being said I will be watching and believe the Lions can pull off a victory tonight. Looking forward to the Aug 7th game… love Empire Field.

:thup: I totally agree with you leofan. lions win tonight!

I still think the lions will lose by 25 points, they have no offence, defense is average and no running game too many holes.

bc will be lucky if they win 6 games.

Make up your mind twit!!! What's it going to be?? you said ->I say BC 20 TORONTO 27 over in the Prediction topic. Bad math moron. 8)