Argos vs Lions game thread

I'm having all kinds of trouble with the feed for this game. Several audio cutouts, and now the video is gone entirely and I've got a yellow screen.

Is that on my end or anybody else having it?

Maybe TSN decided to cut the audio to censor Rod Black's inane/cliched comments.

I could live with that, but there's also a yellow screen. Did a restart on my PVR and I'm getting intermittant video now. Every other channel seems fine, so I'm not sure whats up.

edit - SD TSN is working so I'm guessing its something up with the HD feed in my area.

...this is the honest to God truth, I had a dream last night and while I don't remember the colour of the hair of the damsel I was rescuing from russian dragons, or maybe they were ukranian, I do remember that the radio in the humvee was playing a CFL game and BC was losing...heehaw I hope this was foreshadowing something...

What a craaazzzeee play.

And what was BC #87 doing?

FALL on it man!

Or at least try to

Wild/Wacky fumble recovery by the Argos going down the side lines; leads to more fumble's - Argos do score..lead 7-1

Aweful start BC to 1st half

EJ Kuale takes a 15yd UR on a punt return and then starts flexing for the sideline camera running his mouth. Apparently the Argo coaches have no interest in discipline.

David Lee gets pancaked as BC runs the reverse right over him. No idea why Chris Jones has this guy on the field.

Brandon Issac’s turn to take a stupid 15yd UR penalty as he gives Simon a cheap shot shove out of bounds.

5yd Time Count violation - - wow, are the Argos over 100yds in penalties yet?

Helluva throw to Gore at centre field. :o

Lulay to Bruce TD...18-7 Lions at the half.

Toronto secondary is getting absolutely carved up by Lulay.

How long will it take Chris Jones to realize that you generate a pass rush with your DLine and not your DBs?

and we have the beginnings of yet another route.

I was hoping this game would be closer.

damn injuries. with kackert and or durie, the argos could have maybe at least made a game out of it.

Yeah, little disappointing. I picked BC, but it'd be nice to have an interesting game.

defensive game. Argos D are playing agressive.
BC D has shut down the Toronto Offense. The OLine looks good. BC has gotten through on some blitzes. Having REV bradwell in the backfield picking up blitzing defenders has been a problem.
Riggs playing a solid game is a good RB Quality player wrong place at wrong time when they started the season with Boyd. He was right back though as soon as they let Boyd go

Net yards for B.C. 329 / Toronto 121 .....18-10 Lions lead

Good start to the half for Toronto solid play calling,Fg waters looks to be back on track

Argos looking for the big play from Ray...rightly so - settle for FG 18-13 B.C.