Argos vs Eskimos

Every game is a big game for the Eskimos. Can the Argos continue as the road warriors. Will Mo carry the Esks to a big showdown next week. Eskimos haven’t lost since Bowman returned, maybe he’s their lucky charm. Should be a good one with the two young gun Qb’s. I look for a lot of passing in this game, Eskimos D should be the difference.

Edmonton 38 Toronto 24 :cowboy:

That head shot by Lang on Reilly was crap. Fine is this dick.

Wow, and I hate both teams but that's definitely in the running for worst call of the year.

Edmonton and Winnipeg are done,

here is the way I look at at with 5 weeks left


Toronto 12-6

Hamilton 10-8

Montreal 7-11

Winnipeg 3 -15


BC Lions 13-5

Calgary 12-6

Sask 11-7

Edmonton 5-13

This thread is brutal. No comments at all. Southern ont needs to step their game up.

Wow, the cardiac kids are at it again.

What makes you think Hamilton is going to win 4 of 5 games? They are going to be lucky to be 8-10. Sad when you think about it that this team is going to get a home playoff game with a losing record.

Anyway, the CFL conspiracy to get bums in the seats in Toronto continues. Totally rigged that Toronto would run the table in the West.

I was at work, where i couldn't use my phone... got home in time to watch the 4th quarter. Gotta love those Argos!

...still won't answer my question about Fraser's interception eh?

I'm sorry I thought this was a thread for the Argo/Eskimo game.

..failed deflect

Wouldnt say a failed deflect, just trying to follow forum guidelines is all.

Couldn't watch this one live, just watched it now on tape. Heck of a comeback from the double blue, Kackert looked like the Kackert before his injury. Impressive win.

Another lucky win courtesy of the Double Blue D. They continue to bail out the most over rated offense in the league. Despite the offenses best effort at giving the game to Edmonton (turnovers, 2 and out, missed chip shots) the D once again stopped them from throwing away 2 points. Four turnovers, some at key times, and shutting down the Edmonton offense in the second helped make up for some downright stupid penalties (hope Laing gets suspended) and was more responsible for the win than anything the offense did. Kackert was the lone bright spot on offense and ended up saving the day on the Argo Bounce on the winning TD.

The Argos better learn to play football soon because they've already used up as much luck as most teams see in 3 seasons. Playoofs are going to be awfully short in Toronto.

3downhound, how's that Edmonton crossover thing working out? :lol:

I am already right, I said it was mathematically possible you said it wasn't. You were wrong, period.

I didn't say it was impossible; improbable, high unlikely, virtually impossible, yes, but not out right impossible.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Now you're just being a poor loser.

Someone needs to teach Reily how to hook slide. He's out with a concussion now, and he doesn't have to be in a position to take that hit if he hook slides.

Here's hoping for a full recovery.

I'm rather shocked and surprised with the beating he's taken this year,that he lasted as long as he did,the guy is a real trooper and his upside is through the roof.If the Esks can ever get a real O-Line instead of 5 pylons to protect him,the Esks will take off next season and will be back on the road to respectability.Reilly is definetly a keeper and someone that the Esks can rebuild behind.I have to admit that they are probably one of the best 3-10 teams I've ever seen.With a few breaks here and there and maybe better coaching they could easily be at 6 or 7 wins this season.

Guess you didn't watch the play, he was being held up and the Montreal player took a cheap head shot. Dirty plays happen even when you hook slide and it wouldn't have helped on this particular play. There will be a fine but the fact is if the league was serious about stopping the head shots, there needs to be suspensions and not fines.

Yes I did watch the play. Just watched it again. In this case he was stuck because the play broke down, so I guess he couldn't have done a lot there (except throw it away).

A lot of other times though he takes hits he doesn't need to because he doesn't slide. He's been doing that all year.