this matchup pits the #4 Argos (week 15 power rankings) against the #5 eskimos....

winner takes #3 and loser takes #5

im going to the game to cheer on the ARGOS.....need to stay 2 points ahead of montreal!!!!

who are u guys picking to walk away with that number 3 spot ( in week 16 PR's ) as well as 2 , much needed, points?

Well I picked Toronto. They seem to atleast remain good unlike Edmonton who played awesome agaisnt BC and just got handed to by Hamilton. I'm also picking Toronto really because they are at home today. Could be a tough game. I'm picking Toronto to snag a win. This I hope I'm right so I can go 3-0 in picking the teams for the V.G.C.C.

Sanchez is out with a hip pointer! Touchdown Argos! Argos lead 7 - 0

Eskies tie it up Special teams TD!

Eskies give up 2 points Argos 9 Eskies 7

Eskies Blocked Argo kick Eskies have it he throw ths ball forward Argo's recover 1st down Argo's. 13 seconds to go until the half Bradley injured.

Eskies give up another single Argos 10 Eskies 7 But big pass down field by Eskies!

Eskies field goal and it is good!

Game tied 10 - 10

Eskimos win. They have a good shot at first place now.

Imagine if they could of had a win in hamilton last week........ disapointing. i think we couldve had first place with that win but im not sure about it anymore. I HOPE SO :smiley:

The way B.C. played today, i wouldn't be surprised to see them lose a few more and the eskies clinch first in the west! :slight_smile:

Playoffs are all that matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way, WHO DID EDMONTON GET KNOCKED OUT BY IN THE PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR??????????????


That's how she goes, First place was looking good here for us until Montreal crushed our hopes and dreams once again. I'm just glad we made the playoffs after a 3-6 start LOL

I don’t remember, but they sure weren’t very good…

34 000 + for the game today...most all year
32 000 + was for the labour-day rematch

34,000 quite fans..was it me or could you hear a pin drop for most of the game...whats with that? You could even see the TO players trying to encourage the fans to cheer... with 34,000 screaming fans that place would be thundering....I dont think Ray used the foot stomp even once.

I'm very sorry rider fans.That my Argos lost yesterday.It breaks my heart.
Now if the Eskies win by 2 points this weekend the riders won't get a home playoff game.This really upsets me.Yeah right.
Congrats Eskies,and I hope yo destroy the riders this weekend.