Argos vs Eskies

Dalton Bell has been waiting for some time now to get a game start and will see alot of different looks from the Eskies D; From what I've seen in the CFL this year is more blitzing from all teams and thus in turn gives the OC's more to think about on how to prepare/counter their game plan. Ricky Ray will get his share of Argo's putting the chase on him too.

I expect more from the Argos in this game. We'll see if they have the mettle to come back from adversity with a big game. Beating the Esks would not only be a big morale booster, it would also silence any who might think the Esks going 5-0 is a fait accompli (which, I confess, includes me).

Dalton Bell is catching a big break in my opinion. Greg Peach is a very underrated player for Edmonton. The Esks will miss him.

I've been looking forward to this game all week! Should be interesting how Bell handles the Edmonton D

Please, Mr. Kackert, right this way, sir ... :x

So far so good for Bell/Kackert; Argos TD on the ground lead 7-1

why does it look like there are so few people at the game

I just noticed now -- you are right Marc. And it sucks and there is no excuse for that too!

Maybe next year if I can visit I can get away with buying a ticket with a fine seat at face or get one scalped if this is the sort of summer attendance they get up there.

Oh pardon me Mr. Watt, right this way as well! :roll:

Damnit you (expletive tirade) bums wtf is your problem on defence! Get your heads out of your behinds!

I can’t wait for Owens to get an elbow to the chin strap on one of his returns. It’s not like mouth has not been asking for it for too long.

Oh and btw, right this way again Mr. Kackert … :x had it right the first time...stunning start for the Argos...

What going on in this ond? :o

Boy Rod Black can hardly contain his glee when the Argos score. He makes me sick the dweeb

Congrats Hamilton!

Earl please have your LB corp and secondary please tweet or text our guys damnit!

This sucks major butt and is degrading!

Well then in the spirit of what Owens is due, Black needs an elbow to the chin minus the strap. :stuck_out_tongue:

You do realize.. this sickens me...right?

you wouldnt happen to be an eskimo fan would you?

wow argos are playing good, those are the kind of passes Watt needs because I know he can consistently run like that

unfortunately they give up in the third quarter

and the refs get it right....yesssssssss :thup: