Argos vs Edmonton GDT

When the defence has out scored the offence until the last 5mins of garbage time, there's not much hope of winning.

Well to be honest - having just gotten home from the Cats game. Maybe they sold 24,000 tickets - but there were only at most 20,000 actually there tonight. So between the two stadiums somewhere in the 30,000 range actually at the two games combined.

This is what happens when you don't re-sign a player like Trevor Harris. They decided a 45 year old Qb was the better option . :lol: :lol: :lol: Argos management is a joke and have no one to blame for that boneheaded decision.

Surprised about the Cats though with 6 weeks off and not more showing up .

On another note Dunigan brought up they were no longer hitting the steam whistle after the touch down any reason for that ?

I agree lifting blackouts is going to kill the league and it is doing it right now. the CFL can not operate like this the CFL will be dead in 5 years if this keeps up.

I was at the Cats game as well. As always there are many fans walking around the concourse and the other gathering spots around the stadium. If they were in their seats it would look more full.

I know this will not make Argo fans feel any better. :frowning:

Those white helmets with all blue looked super sharp. :thup:

Having blackouts for CFL games in the 80s and 90s played the most significant role in destroying the Argos fanbase in the GTA. They essentially lost an entire generation of fans because of these archaic policies. It would be asinine to revisit this as it would essentially guarantee the loss of another generation of fans.

TV acts as the ultimate advertisement for any local sports team, professional or otherwise. People see it on TV once a week, or several times a week in the case of other sports, and it stays in the public consciousness. It promotes the brand and entices the viewer with an exciting live experience...much more so than threatening to pull the plug on a local broadcast because X number of seats failed to sell. Out of sight, out of mind. That my friends is....

The Last Word

They did look good . The Argos may have the best looking uniforms .

In our work environment there is something called "Herzberg's Hierarchy of Needs in play" in order for a work force to feel like they belong and contribute.
Sports teams also reach people at these same levels, "The Social Aspects", "Self Esteem associating with a team or League", "Self Actualization", "Physiological". In order to find out what people need from associating with the Argos and League it must be studied by the League and by people who are experts in this field. Some how the League needs to shake the "not major league" stigma associated with the Argos. I have some ideas about how this message can be told but it would hurt the other Major League Properties in MLSE.

If Argos do not address the Minor League title, it will soften the support they will receive exposing the "Self Esteem" aspects of Herzberg's theory. League and teams will also be trying to fix everything but the root cause.