Argos vs Edmonton GDT

Anyone expecting a "big" crowd with the CNE on is in for a massive disappointment.

Smallest crowd of the year. An absolute disaster.

They might all just be filling up on a 'Bug Dog' at the Food Building next door before coming in. :wink:

Well ...damn, probably going to be a really good game and they honestly look lucky to have 10k there. (the other side looks like it has a lot more people in the stands...but that isn't saying much now is it.)

How is it possible that crowds look way worse at BMO than they ever did in the Dome, it must be the red seats, basically plastic debt indicators.

I hate that attendance is always the main focus but it sort of has to be when things are looking this bad on a Saturday afternoon in late August. It's just sad, I'd be heartbroken as a fan if I showed up to THF and it looked like this, I know Hamilton had it's dark days but when we got a new owner everything turned around off the field even though it took a while for it to do so on the field ... this Argos team is light years ahead of what Bob Young inherited back in 2003, and still the many, many, many people of Toronto could care less. With hockey starting back up soon and TFC making a legitimate push for a Cup run with the best player in the MLS leading the way, things are just going to to get uglier from here, the summer was their time to shine and outside of the opener they have failed miserably.

I thought that the crowds didn't look too bad on TV but there haven't been too many shots. But then some people can view the game from a couple of the midway rides so maybe they'll be enticed to check it out?

Meanwhile the EE and Boatmen seem intent on opening up some competition to the Food building - a bakery - THREE turnovers in the first quarter - 2 by the visitors although the blue couldn't pick up any points with the second one.

EE may have started out on the wrong foot but they've just added to their lead and the TO Offensive stats are pretty sad.

Yea this has been very one sided, especially when you consider Keon Raymond scored 6 of those points, and the other 2 belong to the kicker.

Edmonton looks like the same dangerous team from last year right now.

Well young Kilgore did get his team close enough to the end zone to finally pick up a TD - with the help of some DPI from the EE - but the EE have just replied with another TD to restore their 16 point lead. TO defense may be improved from week one but they can't do this on their own and they're spending LOTS of time on the field so far in the heat.

EE have enough time remaining to get close enough for a final FG before the half

Most of the fans are in the shady "home" grandstand behind the cameras, which is usually pretty packed while the "visitor" side facing the cameras is fairly vacant. Not to worry, the Argos are owned by billionaires who are in for the long you don't have to pay for the empty seats. Don't let it ruin your day.

The biggest problem is after 35 years of televising Argo home games in Toronto, fans know they can watch all the home home. Why fight traffic, pay exorbitant parking fees, etc, when you can watch all the home games for free? This is the fan-base the Argos have cultivated, with TV competing with ticket sales for fan support.

This trend is happening across the league, with many former season ticket holders preferring to stay home to watch the game...or perhaps giving the game a pass. That's the way it is and the league should have realized this when they decided to lift all home blackouts. If the NFL can do it why not the CFL? Let's try it and see what happens! :roll:

No,I'm not surprised at all ...........but I was expecting the world's greatest defence to show up ???? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kilgore picked off again in the opening drive of the second half and it looks like the EE could add another TD or at least a FG.

Well said. The problem, it is a double edged sword because TV is the future...

I have a question... I know this has been asked before but I'm not sure if it has ever been answered... Why don't the Argos have a second Logo on their uniform?

Good for you for going. :thup:

I am trying to forget about attendance. I say that, of course, but the empty seats are always a sad, constant reminder. All I can hope/pray for is the Argos find a way to break even via corporate sponsorship, TV money, Grey Cups and the few devoted fans who show up - they are better people than me.

For what it's worth, there weren't many people at church, either. :wink:

Where is Area 51, how's that stellar Toronto D doing again?

The silliest post yet................................... :? :? :?

Announced attendance 15,157

I guess allot used their tickets for the free admission to the Ex and never came back.

Based on how things went as of mid way through the 2nd qtr...I don't blame them.

A disappointing crowd .

With the cup half full look at things with close to 25,000 in Hamilton that is 40,000 in total in
a small geo area coming out for the CFL on the same night .

Why? Sounds like common sense to me.

Blackouts are the worst thing they can do. Ottawa and Hamilton sell out despite the games being available on TV. Plus you lose advertising dollars in the biggest TV market.

The lack of sales especially on the east side makes it look worse on TV. They really need to focus on building that. IMO a good looking crowd on TV is more likely to convert the TV audience to gate