Argos vs. Cats, June 13th (preseason)

Tabbies are without Bruce, Glenn, Cobb and the entire starting linebackers corps. I can see the Argos pulling this one out since the team defence is their strong point. I am very comfortable with Toronto's defence and keeping the ball out of their endzone, its just the offence that is a question mark. A huge one.

My prediction: Toronto 24, Hamilton 20

Damn, fan 590 isn't airing the game on the radio, only online...and I'm driving around today and can't get fan590 online on my phone...crap!!!!

That is very bad , no radio bradcast, only in toronto, we here are not only on the radio today for the game with Sask but a 2 hour pregame show and they are showing on the big screen in todays open house at empire.

Dying for my football fix, I am listening to the game live on 900CHML in Hamilton.

For some reason I can't get the Fan site to work right... Nothing like watching a game unfold in text on the internet... Please TSN: Send one guy with a camera over to the RC. I'm dying here.

You can listen here

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I can't believe we lost, Boltus sucks the big one.Time to say goodbye to Valberg for sure, he dropped alot today.

Final score: 13-10 Argos. Late field goals nails it for Toronto.

Looks like Ken Dorsey was the best QB of the Argo bunch.

On the other side the depth chart pretty much stood true.Porter was good, Tafralis was less good, Boltus sucked big time.

Chance to evaluate some guys, no big deal here for us Tabbies. Argos have a lot more decisions to make than we do. Listening to the game on radio, sweet, football season is here!!

Argos take it 13-10. Only about 12,000 there but Toronto never has good preseason crowds. Itll pick up once the season starts. Anyway, Hamilton couldnt seem to get anything going in the 2nd half and Toronto’s defence was strong throughout. I think this will be the theme in Toronto, the defence and special teams will bail out the offence and field goals/defensive TD’s will make the difference. Based on what I heard (couldnt attend the game) I thought Dalton Bell and Ken Dorsey were the best QB’s, which surprised me since Dorsey looked horrible at rookie camp. Lemon sounded like he couldn’t hit Lake Ontario and Brannigan struggled a lot. My bet is that Bell starts on the 1st and if he struggles then eiter Lemon or Dorsey will take over. Here’s to a fresh start in Argoland, and hopefully we steal a few wins like we did today. :thup:

i wouldnt read too much into pre-season even with my bombers laying a wooping on the als today. lots of players from both teams including calvillo and cahoon and coburn and watkins and emry didnt play but at the same time, a wooping over montreal always feels nice. on the flip side, doug brown, terrence edwards, ike charlton.. jovon johnson did not play either.

glenn bruce didnt play for hamilton.

its pre-season, nice when u win but it doesnt matter really.

I think it does matter for the Argos considering all the changes, especially at the most important one.

Absolutely, would've been nice to pick up a win but we got ALOT of great film on pretty well every new guy we brought in this off-season.

official Ticats sitting list:
WR Arland Bruce III
WR Dave Stala
WR Marquay McDaniel
RB DeAndra' Cobb
QB Kevin Glenn
OT Alexandre Gauthier
C Marwan Hage
DE Stan van Sichem
DE Jason Vega
DT Matt Kirk
LB Otis Floyd
LB Jamall Johnson
LB Markeith Knowlton
DB Jason Shivers

Apparently only Rob Murphy and Willie Middlebrooks sat for the Argos

here taken from the local paper

Quinton Porter started at quarterback for Hamilton and looked solid, completing 5-of-7 passes for 50 yards while adding 14 yards rushing on two carries. Tafralis worked the second and fourth quarters and was 11-of-23 passing for 106 yards and an interception.

Newcomer Jason Boltus split time with Tafralis in the second half. Boltus started the third and returned late in the fourth, finishing 4-of-7 passing for 28 yards before leaving the game with an apparent ankle injury.

Dalton Bell was also effective for Toronto. The former Saskatchewan Roughrider was 7-of-10 passing for 94 yards and guided the offence on marches of 55 and 58 yards that culminated with field goals in the third, pulling Toronto to within 10-7.

Cleo Lemon opened under centre for Toronto and was just 3-of-10 passing for 41 yards but Jeffrey Webb did Lemon no favours by dropping three catchable tosses. Former Queen’s star Danny Brannagan took over in the second and completed 3-of-11 passes for 31 yards and an interception

porters numbers looks good, boltus’s numbers looked good too.

im sorry did i see on here that only 12000 were out for this game? lol thats bad even for pre-season. in wpg we had 28792.

lol.. doubled and then some torontos attendance. LOL.

it was super warm out today tho and the buddy vouchers but im surprised that most teams dont do the buddy vouchers for preseason, or do they? if they do and only 12k showed up in toronto.. OUCH.

Skydump, Toronto, I was expecting less than 10000 to be honest.

But if I was going to make the effort, which I don't anymore, for a Jays vs Yankess / vs Argos preseason game, it would be Argos preseason and it would't matter who they played, and the Argos aren't even my team.

At least the Ti-Cats seem to have a solid defence ...otherwise it looks to me with so many starters resting in pre-season as usual that we don't know much about the offences until they go at it for real with also adding a real effort at the running game.


Well its always tough to know what level a team is at but there were encouraging signs at QB. I think they may be ok by mid-season.

Belli took two penalties early and not seen again. I would not be surprised to see him traded.

They can't run the ball...

Ticats: Look like they still working out some things in their defensive backfield.