Argos vs Calgary

Excellent weather tonight in Calgary; the game of the week perhaps?....Lets Go Argos :rockin:

Owens from Ray on the dump/out screen for 50 yards sets up FG...3-0 Toronto

Almost forgot about this. :oops: Just tuned in. Go... whoever. My picks suck this week, so Go Good Game! :smiley:

I'd say the twisting at the end of the tackle was unnecessary. Ball was out, just let go.

David Lee at rush end? Wow.

Those are the plays [6-9 yard passes] that get it done; nothing special just move the chains...6-0 Argos lead

This is Cuthbert's third game this weekend. Why not throw in Dunigan and have Stegall and Climie on the panel? Then Cuthbert can have a night off. :lol:

Glenn to Lewis; nice play - Brandon to like his play of late - FG Stamps....6-3 Toronto

The Kackert drive is chugging along. :lol:

Yeah I'm all for Dunigan to be in there with maybe Gord Miller too.

But maybe Dunigan had his hair all buzzed off because he did not want to do it? Maybe TSN does not want him to be a commentator during a whole game looking like that?

I'm gonna predict the winner wins by a FG. :smiley:

OMG the stamps are very ineffective right now, old people could play better....Fraser especially, that dude is a liability

Another foolish penalty for Kuale - - an offside to go along with his 15yd facemask.

…sorry 51, but my team has the art of foolish penalty down pat

Stamps are inside the 20 yard line now; big pass play from Glenn.......

As displayed by Lewis' stupid taunting penalty. Someone needs to tell him to stop lipping off. Just saw him doing it again.

Is the game streamed so I can watch 2nd half on computor

...b'jox you're not missing anything really

Could be....FG Calgary - narrows the gap to a 9-6 Argo lead.

...someone not watching this game could look at that score and think to themselves 'wow, a great defensive battle'....they'd be wrong...