Argos vs. Bombers Tonight

Tonight the Argos face off against the bombers in winnipeg.
I think it will be a quick win, others seem to think the bombers are significant trouble, :? I don't know all I saw last week was an unorganized team with mediocre play from all positions except for a defence that was helped by a horrible performance from Kevin Glenn.
So I guess we will see tonight.
Go Argos! :rockin:

Sure is hard to predict, Marc. . . but the Bombers have a pretty good defence. . . so if they stuff Boyd, Lemon has his work cut out for him.

The one thing that might be exposed on their D is that again they're playing Hefney out of position at SAM. . . he's lights out at HB, not sure at LB. . . and they move Johnson off the corner in to replace Hefney at HB, and Beasley replaces Johnson on the corner. . . that's a few round pegs in square holes. . . might be something to work on.

Not too sure how you score a quick win with a team that averages 15 points a game on the road, but yay ! :rockin:

Average 15 points on the Road? We've played 1 road game and we scored 23 points.....soooooo having said that we average 23 points on the road. And to say "If we can stop Boyd" is a big if. Avon had 75 yards against Bombers last week and Boyd is a better back than Avon. I'm DEFINATELY not saying the Argos have this one in the bag. Mark my words, this will be a close game. Winnipeg is dealing with a number of injuries, however.

Winnipeg lost Kito Poblah to a torn ligament in his right knee and will replace him with non-import Mike Hargreaves at wide receiver, while Clarence denmark gets the start at slotback in place of Greg Carr who is dealing with a hamstring problem. Terrence Edwards, another starting slot, has not practised all week after injuring his ribs, but declared himself ready to play following Thursday's walk-through


i need toronto to win just to prove they are a good team and thats why they beat Calgary

One hour or so till game time. Can't wait to see Cleo Lemon behind centre. LETS GO ARGOOOOS :rockin:

biting my tongue today.
the worst part is I am still not impressed with the bombers
aside from their defense anyways. their offense seems more raw than ours.

Last season and last night I guess ...

Our offense might be more raw than yours but it still scored more points.

The good thing is we have more than one player who might win it for us.

Once it catches up to the D you will be impressed... Give it a few games and the return of the receivers.

Come on Cleo…Show it to Me :cowboy:

Should be a quick win for the bombers on Saturday, whadda ya say marc? :wink:

So Marc, what do you think of Buck now? :cowboy:

…I think Marc is wishing he had Buck for a qb. in the Big Smoke :lol: