Argos vs Bombers game will be "dry"

The Argo's got the worst of this deal. That one game certainly means a lot more financially to them than the two
games do for the Jays.

The Argos don't get revenue from food concession sales. Since it's Civic Holiday, they'll probably just market it as Family Day, which they often do once per year in any case.

This sucks. I was honestly planning on going to that game. It was one of the rare Saturday home games the Argos play. I'm not going anymore.

Why didn't they pick the Bills game in T.O. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Obviously some MAJOR discrimination here.

I would like to hear the details on what happened and why the two blue jays games and one Argo game was picked, It appears that Rogers got a say in the matter by picking certain games ??


You won't go support your team because you can't buy an $8 beer? Go meet up with the tailgating guys and have your beer before the game. Geez.

I agree! I love my Rum & Cokes. I love my Mike's Hard Cranberry, but be damned if I'll pay $8.00 a drink at BC Place! (Yes, we get gouged too!)

I go to Football games to watch the game, not to get juiced up. If people can't go to a football game with out a drink, then perhaps they should take the A.A quiz and see if they are candidates to go to meetings! :roll: :roll:

you actually NEED to have beer in order to enjoy a football game?

do I hear AA calling?? sheesh, :roll:

Sounds like a baseball fan :lol:

If the Argos were smart, they could turn this into a positive. A couple of ideas come to mind. One would be to offer all patrons a free refreshment. Another would be to have a seat draw for A NEW CAR! Perhaps a new Chevy Camaro? Fans would probably pack the place on a chance to win a new car, despite it being a dry event. A win/win situation rather than a potential losing one. :thup:

It doesn't affect me, I'll be at the game either way. But it will be intereting to see what type of promotions they come up with for the game.

Alright FINE! I'll get pissed loaded BEFORE the game then call AA when I get home.

That's the spirit! :wink:

I posted over at the the events that caused the ban, 2 jays games, 1 Argo game (last years home opener) youths were able to buy beer and the AC/DC concert. (pot smoking, Drunken)

Instead of banning the sale of liquor, the LCBO should just take all profits made from liquor sales that day. Would encourage me to drink more knowing that Evil Rogers is not getting a dime

Thanks for the update Mulder.
I took the liberty of copying your link to the Sun story and providing here.

This is the reply I sent to the Sun about the previous posting, tell me what you think:

Hmmm let's see Rogers is being punished for 2 Jays games out of 162 (the group that is responsible) and the Argos are being punished 1 out of 9 games ( they were not responsible)!!!! Boy, does this sound fair!!!! Why not have the Bills game be liquor free. Oh, wait a minute, you would have to be "tanked-up" to pay for this snooze-fest (although 30-35K won't have to with all the freebies)!!!!! :rockin:

No arguments here.
I was thinking the same when I read the article.

Not sure how much the ban affected the Jays.
Outside of opening night, the no-alcohol game had
the highest attendance for the next three games.
Nothing scientific, just interesting.

That sucks. my friend with the seasons tix will not be too happy... Aug 1st is one of the games I am trying to get time off for...

Drinking beer at a game is kinda stupid in my opinion....granted I'm not a beer drinker, but paying 8.50 for a plastic cup of warm, flat thank you. Id rather get a 6 pack for a few bucks more at home.

I only ever have about one beer at the game anyways… Don’t need beer to enjoy the game. Can’t afford it anyways at those prices!

:twisted: SatanTroll

I agree. I see some fans at BC Place with a dozen empty cups and shake my head..."$100.00 for warm flat beer.....yuck!"